1200 word min. at least 3 scholarly sources due 11/16

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For the Unit 2 Complete assignment, write a narrative essay (minimum of 1200 words) which addresses the questions and statements below.  When finished, the essay should demonstrate a thorough understanding of the READ and ATTEND sections.  A minimum of three scholarly sources are required, and all sources should be cited and referenced in APA format.  

· What are of special conditions of probation? How are they applied? Use examples from the text. 

· How does society’s perceptions of the severity of a particular class of crime affect sentencing decisions?

· Describe techniques that lead to defining the level of supervision and development of a treatment plan.

· What are the biggest risks to recidivism for drug and alcohol addicted offenders? How can they be averted?

· In the following case, list the violations of supervision that are applicable. What decision would you make in each case? Your choices are: (1) modification and retention under community supervision; (2) amendment with some other graduated sanction; or (3) revocation and return to jail or prison. Pick one response and fully justify your decision.

Parolee York was convicted and sent to prison for two years for aggravated assault. She has a history of violent behavior and anger management issues. She has no known drug nor alcohol problems and until recently was a dishwasher at Joe’s Pancake House. She has been under parole supervision with you for the last five months and for a time was reporting regularly. Special conditions of Ms. York’s supervision require she complete anger management classes by the end of her term, which is supposed to end in seven months. Anger management treatment takes three months, and the program has a waiting list of clients who are court-ordered to attend treatment. She has repeatedly stated she would undergo an anger management assessment but just never has. When you call to verify employment at the restaurant, her employer says that she quit coming three weeks ago and has been replaced by another dishwasher. Now two weeks have gone by since you called Joe’s Pancake House and still no sign of Ms. York. You called the jail to see whether she had been picked up, but police have had no contact with her. What should you do next?


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