150 Word Total (Answer Criminology Questions)

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Provide a minimum 150 word answer in your own words to the following questions on the posted readings. Answers should be scholarly, substantial, and show evidence of having completed the reading assignments. Use examples from the readings. >>1 is Attached below and other will be located in the comments<<

Restorative justice promotes healing and repairing the harm that was done through the criminal act. Restorative justice seeks negotiation and cooperation rather than the adversarial approach of retribution.

After reading the information in your Reading Assignment on Restorative Justice, briefly describe the principles of this perspective. What does it attempt to do and how?

What would you say are the benefits of this approach?

What are the possible negative outcomes?

Outline and discuss one of the specific restorative justice programs that you read about in the readings. Include your opinions and reactions to this particular program and others.



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