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I have a Set of Questions, i need help with completing it. 

it is attached. each question is separated by a line. total of 15 questions – 1 page to 10 pages. ( it is a project)

I only have 2 weeks to complete these assignments. 

please read through the attached page than decide if you are able to answer exactly what is asked, without plagiarizing and copy/past.

Activity Instructions: Employee Performance Appraisal Guidelines
Your health care organization has just decided to implement annual employee performance appraisals. This is
a new process for all employee levels, and management is concerned that there may be reluctance or
hesitation to put much effort into this process. You are given the responsibility of providing training on the
appraisal process. This activity is comprised of two parts. (100 points) (15 slides and a 2-page handout are
required for the combination of Parts A and B)
Part A

Create a PowerPoint presentation addressing the following information:(15 slides are required.)
(75 points)
1. Warn of dangers in conducting performance appraisals (20 points)
2. Provide tips and techniques to conduct an employee performance appraisal (30 points)
3. Make suggestions about conducting the appraisal meeting or interview (25 points)

Part B

Develop a handout to accompany the PowerPoint presentation listing the guidelines for
conducting performance appraisals. This may contain much of the same information as the
slide show. (A 2-page handout is required.) (25 points)

Discuss the distinction between job training and management development using examples that are relevant to
a health care setting. (24 points) (A 1½-page response is required.)

Identify the five (5) methods outlined in Dessler (2008, p. 296), then formulate a set of actions for four (4) of the
methods that would make the learning meaningful by incorporating and communicate a hospital’s vision for
“Excellence Now” in all staff training. (26 points) (A 1½-page response is required.)


Activity: Training and Development Case Study
This Activity is comprised of four (4) parts. (100 points) (A 4-page response is required for the combination of
Parts A, B, C, and D.)
Case Study
Associated Memorial Health Centers (AMHC), a family practice clinic with 250 employees and nine (9)
locations servicing the suburbs of a large city, is facing a variety of HR issues. The HR manager conducted an
HR audit in order to evaluate the problems and make recommendations for improvement. Her findings fell into
four categories: retention issues, staff complaints, patent concerns, and clinical incidents.

Retention Issues: Focusing specifically on RN staffing, one of the most critical positions for AMHC, the
current RN turnover rate is 26%. The RN vacancy rate or the percentage of open positions for RNs is


Staff Complaints: The HR Manager, through staff interviews, learned that AMHC’s employees were
concerned about a variety of issues including late performance reviews, a lack of promotional
opportunities, and poor communications between supervisors and staff.


Patient Concerns: The HR manager evaluated patient feedback forms to gain insight into the HR
issues. From the patient feedback, a number of related HR issues were identified. These consisted of
rude behavior on the part of patient schedulers, inattentiveness to patients by reception staff, and long
waits by patients without explanation.


Clinical Incidents: In order to evaluate the effect of the HR issues on the quality of patient care being
provided by AMHC, the HR manager reviewed data on clinical incidents. Two important categories of
clinical incidents were noted.

20% of x-rays taken had to be retaken due to poor quality.


15% of laboratory test results reports were lost or misfiled, requiring either re-tests or a delay
in reporting.

The HR manager was very concerned about the findings; however, she was confident that with effective HR
efforts that these problems can be resolved. She asks you to investigate the problems for her. Write a memo to
the HR manager that discusses the following.
Part A

Discuss five (5) HR training and development responsibilities that would address the problems
in the case study. (25 points)

Part B

Discuss five (5) training and development responsibilities that HR should share with AMHC’s
management in solving the problems above. (25 points)

Part C

Discuss five (5) factors that organizational orientation would help resolve. (25 points)

Part D

Discuss five (5) factors that departmental orientation would help resolve. (25 points)


Discuss three (3) reasons why employees decide to join or form a union. Explain why supervisors play a key
role in an organization’s nonunion preventive management plan. As discussed in the Lecture and Research
Update, companies may chose to adopt a nonunion policy and implement their preventive management plan or
just simply implement the plan without adopting the policy. Which do you feel is the better method and why?
(25 points) (A 1½-page response is required.)

Research three (3) sources and discuss four (4) issues related to an HR perspective toward health care labor
relations. You may use your textbook, the Required Readings, or ProQuest to answer this question. Be sure to
include a bibliography using APA format.(25 points)(A 1½-page response is required.)

Activity #5: Labor Relations in the Health Care Industry
Select one area of the health care industry and research five (5) articles on ProQuest concerning labor
relations in that specific health care field. Include a bibliography in APA format. (100 points) (A 4-page response
is required.)

Summary of the problem or discussion presented in the article


Conclusions or recommendations of the author


Your opinion(s) of the conclusions or recommendations the author makes with supporting reasons


Effects this problem or discussion has (or would have if applied) on the health care field you are

Visit the OSHA Web site ( and summarize their policy regarding hazard communication. Include
information on the following five (5) issues: hazard communication standard, MSDS requirement, hazard plan,
foreign language requirements, and lock-out regulations. (25 points) (A 1½-page response is required.)

Explain at least five (5) techniques for reducing unsafe conditions and acts. (25 points) (A 1½-page response is

Stand-Alone Project_17
Stand-Alone Project: Strategic Health Care HR (300 points)
You should begin working on the Stand-Alone Project early in the course. Each assignment provides a
benchmark for completing the Stand-Alone Project in a timely manner while working through the course. You
will find this information in the “Stand-Alone Project Benchmark” section of each assignment.
Instructions: You are the HR Director for Washington Memorial Hospital, a sixty-year old, 250-bed acute care
hospital located downtown in a major city. The hospital has been renovated several times over the years and is
a landmark in the city. About ten years ago the mayor and the city council began a revitalization project to bring
businesses and residents back downtown and establish the downtown area as a conference hub for
conventions as well. Their plans have been going well.
Finances at Washington Memorial have been tight for the last few years. The hospital employs emergency
department physicians along with all hospital support staff. Because of its location, many doctors and patients
have been reluctant to use the hospital in the past. The recently hired hospital administrator, however, has
plans to change that. She has a vision of making Washington Memorial a “Center of Excellence” in cardiac care
and surgery and believes that the cardiac department can be a major profit center for the facility. Monies have
been made available to begin the changes and to support the hospital for a few years until the revamping has
taken place and the hospital is profitable again.
The hospital administrator has hired several consultants who are working on marketing and other strategies for
the hospital’s new image, and now you have been asked to look strategically at HR services in light of the
changes that are being made. The hospital administrator states that the three most important HR goals are the

Attracting the best cardiac surgeons and specialists to Washington Memorial, making it a “Center of
Excellence” able to provide the best cardiac surgery and care available.


Training present staff who wish to remain at the hospital and are willing to adjust professionally.


Providing a safe workplace for the staff and patients.

This Stand-Alone Project is comprised of three parts. Develop a plan to support this new strategy through
human resources by completing Parts A, B, and C. (A 13-page response and 15 slides are required.) (300

Part A

Washington Hospital, by hiring a cardiac team, is signaling an interest in changing
its image and conducting organizational renewal. HR can play an important role in
the process in four (4) basic areas:
Total Quality Program’s
Team-Based Organization
Flexible Work Schedules

Part B

Write a report detailing how each of the following will support the changes.(156
points) (A 10-page response is required.)

Part C

HR Strategy
Compensation and Benefits
Training and Development
Employee Relations

Washington Memorial will need to hire several qualified staff persons. Prepare a
handout to be presented to the hospital administrator and hospital board explaining
the assistance that the HR department can give to medical personnel concerning
the interview process. (63 points) (A 3-page response is required.)

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