Advocacy for the intellectually disabled adult

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Advocacy for Intellectually Disabled Adults

This research will explore Advocacy through knowledge, leadership and empowerment skills.


  • Introduce topic : Give background, an anecdote, or the status quo
  • What is the Debate/ Conversation/ Perspectives surrounding the issue?
  • Major Claim – Thesis statement
  • Body paragraph Outline (# of body paragraphs depends on assigned essay length)
  • Counterargument-and Rebuttal Paragraph
  • Conclusion Paragraph : Restate thesis and major reason(s)
  • References – Separate Page
  • If Applicable, followed by reference (footnotes/ tables/figures)

Sub-claim = Points you want to make = Reason(s) that helps prove your thesis.

  • Explain/ Elaborate/ Commentary
  • Evidence
  • Concluding Sentence/ Transition to next point (connect back to thesis)
  • Answer why is this topic important to think about?
  • This paper must be written in Microsoft Word (no exceptions)
  • This paper must follow APA format:
  • This paper must be double spaced, 12” font, 1” margins all around
  • Submission of this research paper must have cover page with appropriate headers, page numbers, and appropriate information utilize in APA format
  • Must use references/resources submitted
  • In-text citation (Last name, Year)
  • Cover page and reference page(s) do not count in required # of pages needed for research
  • Give me your best writing because I need to score an A
  • Absolutely, NO PLAGARISM

E.g. Last Name, F.M. (Year). Article Title. Journal Title, Pages From – To.

Last Name, F.M. (Year). Book Title. City Name: Publisher Name

Additional instructions


  • Brolan, C. E., Boyle, F. M., Dean, J. H., Taylor Gomez, M., Ware, R. S., & Lennox, N. G. (2012). Health advocacy: a vital step in attaining human rights for adults with intellectual disability. Journal of Intellectual Disability Research, 56(11), 1087-1097.
  • Janicki P., Keller M, Viability of a dementia advocacy efforts for adults with intellectual disability: Using a national task group approach. Journal of policy and practice in intellectual disabilities, vol 11 Number 3 pp 176-191 September 2014
  • Frawley P, Bigby C., The inclusion in political and public life: the experiences of people with intellectual disability on government disability advisory bodies in Australia. Journal of intellectual & developmental disability, March 2011; 36(1): 27-38
  • Rossetti, J., Fox, P. G., & Burns, K. (2005). Advocating for the rights of the mentally ill: a global issue. The international journal of psychiatric nursing research, 11(1), 1211-1217
  • Turnbull III, H. R. (2005). Individuals with disabilities education act reauthorization:
  • Walk, E. E., Ahn, H. C., Lampkin, P. M., Nabizadeh, S. A., & Edlich, R. F. (2013). Americans with disabilities act. The Journal of burn care & rehabilitation, 14(1), 91-98.

Accountability and personal responsibility. Remedial and Special Education, 26(6), 320-326.

This is a research paper.

This is not a report. Avoid writing about the facts. Instead, give me your personal perception and experiences on the subject of advocacy for intellectually disabled adult. All discussion under each subheading must reflect your personal thoughts or opinion of the issue(s) being address. Write the paper as your experience (in the first person).

Topic question(Thesis statement/abstract)

  • What is the purpose of this paper?
  • What are your reason for choosing to write about advocacy in the intellectually disabled community?
  • What are your concerns about the intellectually disabled adult?
  • What triggered your thoughts to choose to do your research on advocacy for the intellectually disabled adult?

Key words🙁Please use key words to help construct this research paper)

human rights, disability support workers, health, intellectual disability, parents, discrimination, rights to freedom, abuse, inequality, enhancing quality of life, awareness, self-help, family, integration in society, participation, collaboration, human services, research, statistics in America


  • How do you define intellectually disabled advocacy.
  • Background information regarding advocacy for the intellectually disabled adult.
  • What is the debate/conversation/perspectives surrounding the issue?

Body paragraph (Use questions below to help construct your research). Each paragraph should have a specific issue of discussion under the subject of advocacy for the intellectually disabled adult. A topic statement is therefore necessary under each of the paragraphs. You, the writer should support the issues under each paragraph with sources provided. Number of paragraphs will depend on how you organize the paper. (Follow the rules of the body paragraph) I need at lease 3 sub-headings.

  • Points you want to make.
  • Reasons that helps prove your thesis.
  • Explain/elaborate/commentary and give evidence.
  • Concluding sentence/transition to next point, (connect back to thesis)
  • How can one best advocate for adults with intellectual disabilities?
  • What are the skills, qualities and practices needed to be an excellent advocate for adults with intellectual disorders?
  • What are the resources needed for adults with intellectual disabilities?
  • What do adults who are intellectually incapable need help with most?
  • How do advocates help them meet those needs?
  • How are people with intellectual disabilities able to overcome barriers or impediments with the help of advocates?
  • Discuss how might an advocate support the development and enforcement of policies that protect persons in vulnerable situations.
  • Discuss policies and practices as regards to government obligation in supporting advocacy for the rights of persons with disabilities.
  • What means are provided through advocacy in addressing the social determinants of health and fulfilments of health rights for people with intellectual disabilities.


Counter argument and rebuttal paragraph

Your research on advocacy for the intellectually disabled adult should end in a manner that communicates clear message to the reader.You should therefore connect the conclusion with other paragraphs of the paper.In this regard, your research on advocacy for the intellectually disabled adult can follow some important tips in preparing the best conclusion.


Conclusion paragraph

  • Restate thesis and major reason(s).
  • Give a brief summary of the entire paper content.
  • Answer… Why is this topic important to think about?
  • Suggestion for more research and information on the topic of advocating for the intellectually disabled adult.
  • Prove your point of view to influence and convince any concerned reader.
  • Leave the reader with a striking impression through a strong conclusion.

Should you need any more information, don’t hesitate to contact me.

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