Aging Topic- I want to study depression of older people. Because of my father, I chose this subject. My mother passed away, and my father appears to be depressed. I chose this issue because I would l

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Aging Topic- I want to study depression of older people.  Because of my father, I chose this subject. My mother passed away, and my father appears to be depressed. I chose this issue because I would love to help him. Serious depression can result in suicide if it is not treated.

The Intervention Proposal is set up to build on the assignments that you have already completed. The Aging Topic, the Research Summary, the Interview Assignment: these assignments are all parts of this final project. In order to do well on this project follow these steps:

Step 1:

Download the Word document template for the project. It is available here: FAM 453 Intervention Proposal template.docxDownload FAM 453 Intervention Proposal template.docx

You must use this template to complete the paper. It contains instructions for each section of the paper. once you have downloaded the template, opened it in Word, and reviewed it, move on to the next step.

Step 2:

Think about what you could do to let more people know about the aging topic you have been studying this semester. Something that is meant to make an improvement to a situation is called a “intervention”, and that is what you will be proposing in this project. To get you thinking about what you could do, here is a list of some interventions:

  1. ad campaign (social media, tv, billboard, etc…)
  2. brochures
  3. informational meeting
  4. focus groups
  5. weekly classes
  6. art projects
  7. community outreach activities (parties, barbecues, resource distribution, etc…)
  8. anything else that you can think of that will be effective.

This is your chance to be creative. Think outside the box. You are only proposing this, not actually doing it, so take a chance and think big. Look back at your research summary and interview for ideas and reasoning to back up your choice. Once you have decided what you want to propose, move on to the next step.

Step 3:

Take a look at the Intervention Budget Worksheet in the paper template. Fill in the resources needed for your intervention project according to the category they fall under, with a very brief description of what they are. Make your best estimate for the price of each resource by researching the costs associated with using them, and filling in that number for each item. For example, if you are creating a brochure, there are costs associated with researching, designing, and printing a brochure. Nothing is free, so be sure to account for all the resources your intervention requires, although you may not need a resource in every category. Below are some examples of resources in each category on the worksheet:

  • personnel costs- hourly cost for people to produce other resources; fees to professional speakers/instructors; compensation for any time spent by people other than volunteers
  • materials and supplies- any necessary supplies (paper, pens, etc…); food and beverage expenses; printing costs;
  • electronics and equipment- rental costs for any equipment needed (projector, sound system, computer, food prep equipment, etc..)
  • any other expenses- costs for any resource that does not fit in the other categories (location rental fees, advertising costs, etc…)

Add all of the costs up and enter a total cost at the bottom of the worksheet. After completing this step, move on to the final step in the assignment.

Step 4:

This is it; you are almost done. Take a look back at the template again and complete each section based on the instructions on the template. Once you complete each section, please delete the instructions. Do not add any extra sections to the template. Do not add your name, or your ID number, or the date, or your favorite color to the beginning of the paper. Pay attention to the rubric for this assignment to be sure you fully complete all parts of the assignment.

Now that you are done, take a break for at least 30 minutes. After your break, come back and make one last review of the paper, correcting any mistakes you find and revising anything that needs it. Then turn it in. You’re done!

Aging Topic- I want to study depression of older people. Because of my father, I chose this subject. My mother passed away, and my father appears to be depressed. I chose this issue because I would l
FAM 453 Intervention Proposal This is the first section of the assignment. In this first paragraph, introduce your specific aging topic. Define it, explain exactly what that means in terms that a friend or family member would understand, and explain why people should care about this topic. Just a reminder, a compete paragraph must be at least six full sentences long. In the next paragraph, talk about your personal connection to the topic. Talk about why you chose this topic and what it means to you. This is the only place in the assignment that you are able to do this, so take your time and make it count. In this paragraph, explain why you think that people need to know about your topic. Explain what could happen if more people knew about it and how knowing about it could affect families and communities. Remember to make each of these paragraphs complete. Research Summary This is where you will insert the two paragraphs from your revised research summary assignment. Even if you did not resubmit your original research summary, it is expected that you will make the appropriate changes and recommendations that were provided as feedback on the original research summary assignment. Be sure to include in-text citations in this paragraph and references to the last page of this paper. Intervention Proposal This paragraph is where you discuss your proposed intervention. Explain (1)what you want to do, (2)why you think that it will help people affected by your aging topic, (3)what you hope the outcome of your intervention will be, and (4) the total cost. Be sure to address each of those four points in this paragraph and proofread each section of this paper carefully. Intervention Budget Worksheet (see instructions on Canvas for details) Category Resource Estimated Cost Personnel costs: Materials and Supplies: Electronics and equipment: Any other expenses: $Total amount References

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