American history questions

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Read [] , chapter 18 consider

1. In what way did the rapid rise in technology brought about by inventors like Thomas Edison change people’s conception of the possible?

2. In what ways did immigrants shape the cities in which they settled?

3. What was the “New South”? Why some southerners think this new path was needed? (There are pieces about this throughout section IV.)

4. In what ways did industrialization and urbanization cause growing concern about women’s roles?

5. What was “Muscular Christianity” and how did it reshape masculinity?

chapter 16, section V-conclusion

1.What political and
economic changes did the Farmers Alliance and later the Populist Party
advocate? (You can make a list but for each item you need to state briefly why
the party focused on that issue. Sections V and VI)

Please write each question a paragraph with specific details.

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