An appeal for reinstatement

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Could review a drafted appeal for reinstatement?

Dear Appeal Committees,

Reference: Appeal for Reinstatement Pre-Licensure

My name is
Mr. D. My student ID number is
000000. Not long ago, I went through an appeal process due to the death of my beloved dad. It is regrettable and disheartening that I am going through an appeal process again. Here comes again another appeal in less than four months for incompletion of the Medication Calculation exam within the time frame because of the unawareness exam schedule. I have no words to describe the disappointment and the pain I am going through because of these issues. I have been mentally and physically drained from all these challenges since I came to
name University. I have been trying my best to do the right thing. Sometimes I wonder what I did do wrong. Did I make the wrong decision to attend
name University? What is it? Honestly, it is tough to comprehend. When I try to recuperate from one problem, another problem hits me right back.

Most of the time, it is hard for me to understand the trail of these challenges. I have been questioning why these challenges are always coming to me and still have not found an answer. I came to
school name with GPA close to 4.0.
Now, what is happening to my intellectual ability
Am I not the same person? Because of these challenges, my academic knowledge has been doubted by a professor who does not know me or my educational background. I have been betrayed, labeled negatively, and belittled due to the Medication Calculation exam in question. I feel embarrassed and ashamed of myself as how unforeseen circumstances have put me in a negative spot and drawing me back from the career I loved so much and putting me in a position I would never expect in my entire life.

Notwithstanding, my poor academic performance did not occur during normal circumstances. It was due to some challenges beyond my control or inevitable. I believe in education. I can never intentionally take my education for granted, and I am too old for that. My entire family and I value education so much. We believe that knowledge is power. Also, I have never doubted my academic ability to succeed in nursing school, regardless of all the challenges that hit me back and forth. I have confidence that I must surely succeed in nursing school despite the life challenges nature brings to me, which are inevitable. It was not by accident that I decided to attend nursing school at this point in my life. I believe nursing is a natural call for me, and I will do it proficiently. I knew what it entails to be a nursing student and was prepared for it.

Unfortunately, life challenges tend to overwhelm my academic performance. Regardless of the difficulties, I must not quit nursing school. I am quitting is not an option for me. I am almost done with my studies. Nursing is my joy and passion. My Heavenly Father gave me a special caring heart for a reason, and I will use it to make a difference in my nursing career. I have been on clinical rotations several times, and I have received compliments from patients, nurses, and even physicians repeatedly. I know myself and my capabilities. Please do not use these challenges to end my nursing career. I believe that
school name will be proud of me when I start practicing as a registered nurse. I have been a great resource on anything I lay my hands on throughout my lifetime. Please allow me an opportunity to complete my nursing program. Do not let these trial times take my nursing destiny away. Please reconsider my appeal. I am not a bad student.

First, the reason for my poor academic performance on NR 341 Complex Adult Health in July 2022 was because of illness. On July 12, I came to the class feeling sick, thinking it would disappear. Unfortunately, throughout the class period, I had a headache, a cough, a runny nose, and a sore throat, and everyone noticed that I was not feeling well. By the time I reached home, it got worst. On the following day, July 13, 2022, my Complex Adult Health medication calculation exam was scheduled; unfortunately, I was still sick to the extent that I could not attend my first clinical rotation for the session and my medication calculation exam. Also, early morning of the same day, I received a devastating call that my uncle had passed away in California. My uncle was in the hospital for a while, even before my dad’s burial in April. We thought he was improving from his illness because he was discharged from the hospital. The whole family was excited that he was getting better. A few days later, he was readmitted to the hospital again. Shortly, he was pronounced dead. I was demoralized by the sad news; coupled with that, and I was sick and worried about missing my clinical rotation and my medication exam.

The very same day, I went to the doctor because I was not feeling good at all because of a terrible cough, headache, fever, and sore throat. My doctor gave me some prescriptions, which helped me after a few days, but the cough lingered for days before I noticed the effects of the medications. That morning is Wednesday, July 13, 2022; I emailed Professor
name to let her know about my situation. She did not reply to my email until Friday, July 15, 20222, at 1:19 pm. I did not notice her email until Monday morning. I had to email Professor
name as soon as I saw her email stating that I must take the Med Calc test by Saturday of week 2 to remain in NR 341. By then, it was too late to take the exam. That was what related to my academic performance. Since I started taking Med Calc, I have never had any problems. Most of the time, I score perfectly on my Medication Calculations.

Not only that, that week was one of my twin daughters’ weddings in
name city Thursday night; I had to travel to
city name for my daughter’s wedding, which was scheduled on July 16, 2022, even though I was still feeling sick and bereaved. After the wedding, I left Chicago on Sunday afternoon, July 17, 2022. I did not get to
my city until 3 a.m. Monday morning, because of airline delays. On Tuesday, July 18, 2022, I went to school, and after class, Professor Cripe told me that I was not supposed to attend class because I failed to take Med Calc within the specified time frame. I explained my situation to her; she told me that Chamberlain’s rule was that Medication Calculation must be taken within the first two weeks of the beginning of a session. I did not know about this policy because I have never had problems with Med Calc before, and calculation has never been a problem for me.

From that moment, I became confused and anxious and started calling and asking for help because I did not know what else to do. I went to
School President’s office; fortunately, I met she was leaving her office. I told her that I had come to see her, and she said to me that she was going to submit my documents to Professor Cripe. Both of us walked to her. She said, “you have been dropped from NR 341 since July 17, 2022, since I did not complete my Med Calc within
the school name policy time frame. School President stated that I was not supposed to attend class”.

Meanwhile, I have been doing my assignments and took a quiz that Tuesday afternoon which I did very well on my quiz. I wondered why she told me my class had been dropped while I still had access to my class work. I pleaded to
School President name for an exception from Chamberlain policy due to the circumstances surrounding my case. She was adamant about the Chamberlain policy. She said that she must follow the school policy. I kept on begging her for an exception. I told Dr. Perryman that man makes the law, and man can change the law due to unavoidable circumstances. She was adamant about the
school name policy. From that point, my brain started to spin. I did not know what to do. I have no support team to guide me. That was when I realized I was again having a problem with
school name school. When I came home from school, I started making phone calls, looking for the best answer and directions to my problem. I was acting on my own. I did not know the best approach to take. I cried like a baby because I did not want to miss my chances of completing my nursing program since I had a few months to complete program. After all the phone calls I made,
Mr. C W, the director of the campus operation, Texas alliance, was the only person that returned my call and listened to my concerns. I felt a little bit relieved that at least someone cared to return my call. I called student services several times there was no answer. I called Chicago and Houston campuses and left messages with no feedback. At this point, my frustrations became intense because I was thinking about how I would end up my nurse career just like that after all those years of commitment and sacrifices.

Second, I took NR 328 Pediatric Nursing in March 2022. Regretfully, it ended unsuccessfully due to the shocking death of my beloved father. My father’s death was unexpected after a brief illness. The weekend before his death, I called my dad, and he was doing fine. I regularly call and check on him at least once a week. The next day I received an early morning call from home that my dad had just passed away. That was how my world turned around. I loved my parents, especially my dad. I am his first daughter. I was so attached to my dad. I was blessed to have the most incredible father in the world with a Golden heart. I prayed to God to extend his life until I finish Nursing school; unfortunately, God did His will. What can I do? I did not get the chance to celebrate and show appreciation to my dad for the remarkable life he gave to his family. Dead took my dad away from me.

I was planning for my dad’s burial arrangements with my family in Nigeria, coupled with the time difference in Nigeria. Not only was I going through the pain of losing my dad, but all my travel documents expired, including my Texas driver’s license. I had to travel to Atlanta, Georgia, to renew my Nigerian passport while my NR 328 class was still in session. Also, I had to do different COVID tests before traveling to my dad. The financial aspect of it was another headache. I had to work more hours to raise the fund for my dad’s burial. All those burdens were on my shoulders. There was no easy way out for me.

Although, my overall grade for the NR 328 was 82. I needed only 2 points to pass my core grade. What affected my grade most was the last quiz and final exam because I was overwhelmed, mentally and physically drained from getting my travel documents and the preparation for the burial.

Third, for the NR 304 Health Assessment II from November 2020, it was during the peak of COVID that I was very sick for about two weeks. I was unable to stand up or do anything on my own. I emailed my professor to let her know my condition because I had checkoffs and other due assignments, which were impossible for me to do because of my illness; my professor denied that she did not receive my email. I even remembered receiving a call from Chamberlain telling me to come and do my checkoffs. I told them that I was sick and could barely stand up on my own. From there, all my past due assignments were graded “0”. That’s how I ended up failing the course. After some weeks, I felt better; I emailed my professor and asked her if I could complete the missed assignments since I was sick. She stated that she did not receive an email about me being sick. I told her I sent her an email to let her know I was ill. Luckily, I could retrieve the email I sent her that I was sick. At that point, she stated that it was too late and that there was nothing she could do at that moment.

I reached out to the
school name student services to request an incomplete grade so that I would have an opportunity to complete the missed assignments, quizzes, and exams. Unfortunately, I was told “no.” That was how I wasted my time and money and received a failing grade that resulted in poor academic performance. All these tough challenges are happening to one individual. What is the best approach for me to take? What can I do to avoid these obstacles? What did I do wrong? I have been trying my possible.

Please accept my appeal and do not judge my poor academic performance based on the life challenges I have encountered since my nursing career. I believe that these problems will not remain permanent. I called these problems a trial time. Please give me another chance. I will be more than happy to come back to school.

I am looking forward to your favorable decision.

Your Sincerely,

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