Annotated Bibliography (MLA 8)

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Hi need someone who can annotated bibliography of my sources. (You don’t Need to write an ESSAY!!!)

I’ll send you 7 sources and you should have find 3 more trustable sources from web.


An annotated bibliography. You are turning in a document that includes two, and only two, things:

  • Complete, accurate MLA 8th citations for the 10 best resources on your topic.
    • Your 10 sources need to come from a variety of resource groups (books, articles, websites, etc.) Only 3 of the 10 sources included can be websites, so make sure you incorporate ebooks, articles you have found from our online databases, etc.
  • A descriptive annotation for each of the 10 resources you selected. These must be in your own words and should explain the value of the resource for someone researching your topic. What did you learn from this source and why is this source invaluable for people interested in your topic?

What is your final project NOT?

A traditional research paper where you have a thesis and discuss your topic and findings. Please do not focus your time and energy on this front. The only thing that I am grading, and that counts as your final, is an annotated bibliography. Anything else that is submitted will not earn points.

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