Answer 2 case study

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2 references in each case

Discussion #1
Diagnosis, Symptom and Illness Management


Prof. L. Oliva

Case #1

• M.R. is a 28-year-old female patient in good health that visits the clinic for the first time. She recently moved to Florida
from New York due to work relocation. She admits not visiting her PCP frequently but requires medical clearance for her
new clerical position. She is sexually active, unprotected, in a monogamous relationship. ROS and physical examination are
unremarkable. What to do?

case #1

• Is there a form to fill? yes or not. If yes, what are the requirements?

• Laboratory work-up:
ØRoutine: CBC w/ differential; CMP; U/A

• Is a 12-Lead EKG required?

• Is a CXR necessary?

• Would you do HCG?

• What about other recommendations for screening? Which type of level of care is this?

case #2
• A 58-year-old male patient with history of HTN and T2DM presents to the clinic for a regular check up. He denies current

symptomatology and his last check up was 2 years ago. In addition to a thorough physical examination. Which laboratory test would
expect to be ordered? (Select all that apply)
qLipid profile
qCardiac enzymes

case #2

• The patient’s anti-HTN treatment includes Lisinopril 10 mg PO daily and Amlodipine 5 mg PO daily. Are there any findings
physical or laboratory expected from this medications?

case #2

• You would look at the levels of Magnesium and Phosphorus for the replacement of Potassium if applicable. Which of the
following tests would include these two electrolytes?



ØLiver profile

ØLipid profile

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