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Medical Terminology and Anatomical Position and Planes .

Anatomical position

Anatomical and directional terms (anterior, posterior, inferior, etc)

Planes of motion (saggital, coronal, transverse, diagonal)

Axes of rotation (frontal, saggital, vertical, diagonal)

All movements (flexion, rotation, circumduction, etc)

Types of bones

Functional and structural classification of joints (diarthrodial, gomphosis, etc)

Diarthrodial joints and examples on the body (plane, ball and socket, etc)

Neuromuscular Fundamental

Fiber arrangement and subdivision according to shape

Definition of origin and insertion

Type of muscle contractions (isometric, concentric, etc)

Roles of muscles (agonist, antagonist, stabilizers, etc)

Spinal Nerves (8 cervical, 12 thoracic, etc)

Muscle length- tension relationship

Biomechanical Factors

Definition of kinetic and kinematics

3 types of levers (know the relationship of the axis, the resistance and the force with respect to one another).

Be able to identify a class of lever if a picture for an exercise is provided

Law of Inertia (know law and examples in exercise)

Law of Acceleration (know law and examples in exercise)

Law of reaction (know law and examples in exercise)

Factors affecting balance and stability

The shoulder girdle

Bones that make up the shoulder girdle

Shoulder girdle movements

Muscles of the shoulder girdle (trapezius, rhomboids, etc), location and the movements they perform

Exercises and Stretches that involve the shoulder girdle muscles

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