answer those questions and also the files too 1. You and several friends are playing a tabletop role-playing game, however your Mage character keeps rolling poorly. Meanwhile, your Rogue character ha

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answer those questions and also the files too 1. You and several friends are playing a tabletop role-playing game, however your Mage character keeps rolling poorly. Meanwhile, your Rogue character has not rolled less than a 16 (on a d20) all nightYour Mage decides to use the Rogue’s dice since her dice are cursed and she needs some of his luckPer James Frazer, what kind of magic is this Mage using?a. Sympathetic

b. Contagios

c. Sorcery

d. Superstitious

2. In the documentary Paris is Burning (1990), drag competitors were judged based on realnessor as Dorian Corey told filmmakers, To be able to blend… If you can pass the untrained eye, or even the trained eye, and not give away the fact that you’re gaythat’s when it’s real What concept from critical gender studies does this emphasis on “realnessbest represent?a. Sexual dimorphism

b. Make-female dyads

c. Biological determinism

d. Gender performativity

3. Unlike gender, which is a cultural construct, only two biological sexes (male and female) exist in our species. There is no exception to this rule.a. True

b. False

4. The incest taboo is an absolute sex taboo observed in all societies known to anthropologists. One explanation for the universality of this taboo stems from the cross-cultural observation that children in the same age-group who are raised together rarely experience sexual attraction to one another. Anthropologists refer to this as:a. Ortho-cousin paradox

b. Oedipal complex

c. Westermarck effect

d. Totemic avoidance

5. The Romani population in Europe is estimated to be 10-12 million, which includes the Kalderash, Romanichals, Sinti, Kalé, and Gitano peoples. Although there are regional differences between these sub-groups, in 1971 community representatives adopted the name “Roma” to signify their shared, and distinct, ethnic identityAnthropologists refer to such an emergence of a new ethnic identity asa. Ethonogenesis

b. Cultural evolution

c. Symbolic ethnicity

d. Interactive positioning

6. All of the following are a subdiscipline of anthropology excepta. Linguistic

b. Sociology

c. Biological

d. Archaeology

7. Elise is a cultural anthropologist studying first-year college students who are active in religious groups on campusAlthough Elise grew up in a religious family, she now identifies as an atheistWhich ethnographic method should Elise use to identify and address any conscious or unconscious bias she might have for her participant’s religious beliefs?a. Reflexivity

b. Thick description

c. Ethonocentrism

d. Field notes

8. The earliest generation of anthropologists, the “armchair anthropologistsoften uncritically reproduced their own cultural biases in their research and argued that their own societies were more “civilized” than all others. In other words, their research was__________By contrast, contemporary anthropologists believe that it is important to understand a cultural group on its own terms, and not to rank societies in comparison to one another. This approach is referred to as___________.

9. Youssef is an international student from Egypt studying business at Southern Miss. Early in his first yearYoussef goes to a football game with his roommate, who invites him to a tailgating party. Youssef is fascinated by this cultural practice and decides to do an ethnographic study on tailgating for his anthropology minor. Which of the following best describes the ethnographic perspective Youssef would be using?a. Ethonocentric

b. Etic

c. Positional

d. emic

10. What is the most important research field methodology for cultural and linguistic anthropologists?a. Comparative method

b. Moral relativism

c. Participant observation

d. Cultural relativism

11. Ethnographies are fictionalized accounts, or novels , that are based on anthropological research.a. True

b. False

12. Anthropologist Justin D. García (2017) writes that in different situational contexts, he has been identified as Italian American, Puerto Rican, Cuban, Hispanic/Latino, and whiteHis experiences with strangersattempts to figure out what he is exemplifies how “race” isa. A biological fact

b. A social and cultural construct

c. Both a social construction and Biological fact

d. Neither a constructionnor a fact. race is not real

13. The Hindu deity Ganesha (elephant), the Voudo loa Damballah (snake), and the Egyptian goddess Bastet (cat) each represent religious:a. Zoomorphism

b. Animatist

c. Animism

d. Anthropomorphism

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