Answer to amanda’s discussion about nurse caring

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While caring for a patient, I showed compassion by acknowledging their feelings. Lack of compassion can leave patients and their families feeling embarrassed, worthless, and judged (Smith, James, Brogan, Adamson, & Gentleman, 2016). In turn, the patient might experience a lot of distress, leaving them vulnerable. Hence, by acknowledging the patient’s feelings, I expressed empathy. I often used phrases like “I understand,” which seemed appropriate. According to American Nurses Association (2015), nurses should practice with compassion when interacting with patients and their families. Acknowledging the patient’s feelings increased their comfort level.

Although nursing is a rewarding profession, it can also be demanding and stressful, requiring compassion that includes self and colleagues. While practicing compassion in my nursing practice, I always remember that compassionate care extends beyond patients, affecting interprofessional relationships. Showing compassion for the patients, self, and colleagues helps focus on the promotion and optimization of care, health, and quality of life. Besides, the act of caring is the cornerstone of the practice of nursing; it is the first step in the power to heal (American Nurses Association, 2015). Moreover, since nursing can be demanding and stressful, showing compassion to self and colleagues can help relieve stress and create better work relationships. 

The iCARE Self-Assessment helped me actively monitor my learning and consider my progress through various aspects and markers. In essence, the iCARE presented the autonomy to be in charge of my learning, identifying areas of strength and challenges. For instance, looking at the iCARE Self-Assessment, I agree that I communicate and collaborate well with colleagues as a student and a nurse. In addition, I take time to care for myself, which helps prepare me to care for others. Thus, the iCARE Self-Assessment is critical to understanding and internalizing one’s learning in nursing practice. 

American Nurses Association. (2015). Nursing: Scope and Standards of ©2015 American Nurses Association Practice (3rd ed.) Silver Spring, MD: ANA.
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