Answering the following Questions

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Response to these following questions below:

  1. Distinguish between genotype and phenotype and explain how this distinction relates to race and ethnicity.
  2. Discuss dominant-recessive inheritance and the two ways that it occurs.
  3. Define behavior genetics, describe the methods used in this field, and explain why it is a useful field of study.
  4. Discuss how our reaction range is evidence of gene-environment interactions.
  5. Explain how the theory of genotype → environment effects casts new light on the old nature-nurture debate.
  6. Discuss the sex chromosomes and their link to disorders.
  7. Describe in detail the process of fertilization and conception.
  8. What is the likelihood of fertilization and conception for the typical woman at age 20? Age 30? Age 40?
  9. Explain the differences between fraternal and identical twins in the way that they are conceived and their genetic makeup.
  10. Describe the function and purpose of the placenta.
  11. Identify the major organs and systems that form from the ecto-, meso-, and endo-derms.
  12. Discuss some differences in prenatal care across three countries/groups.
  13. Describe the major milestones of the fetal period and identify when viability occurs.
  14. Identify the major teratogens in developing countries and developed countries.
  15. Discuss differences in maternal and infant death between a) ethnic groups in America and b) developed and developing countries.
  16. Explain how chromosomal disorders occur. What are the risk factors that may increase the likelihood that a child is born with a chromosomal disorder?
  17. Explain the major causes of and treatments for infertility.


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