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Operations Management Final Paper Case Study

I want the project from 10 to 12 pages include references

my project and business will be (Chipotle Mexican Grill) and you have to write this project based on the interaction below and using the attachment files of book pages.

The outline for your final paper is as follows:

  • 1.Introduction page –
  • – Describe the business which you have targeted for your study.
    – What do they do
    – Where are they located
    – Why did you choose this business to analyze
    – What do you hope to learn from this analysis
    – Summarize key points (objectives) of your case study
  • 2.Body of your paper:
    1. Develop a set of at least 20 questions for your interview (2 to 3 questions from each chapter using Key Terms and concepts discussed in the lectures).
    2. Interview your target business manager. Document the results of the interview in Appendix “A” attached to your paper.

c. Perform multiple visits (1 visit to interview their management, a second and possibly a third visit to measure and collect data). Go to the target business during their busy times as well as during slow times and record your measurements and observations noting the difference between busy and slow times)

d. Start your project by applying the principles you learned in class. From chapters 1 & 2, Identify their key service or manufacturing production processes. Pick one key process to study. For example of a service, you may target to study how they serve customers a cup of coffee; washing a customer’s car; changing tires on a customer’s car, or manufacturing a part. Your paper should:

  1. Identify all the steps in their process from start to finish
  2. Document the process using flow charts and Visio (see page 64 and page 80 for example of flow charts). Indicate and discuss the structure of their process (front office?, back office? Or a hybrid process (pages 52 and 54). Attach the Visio document as appendix “B” to your paper.
  3. If your target is manufacturing, then identify their production strategy (i.e., make-to-order?; assemble- to- order? or make-to-stock? and explain what type of process they use (i.e., is it Job Process? Batch Process? Line Process or Continuous Process?) see page 55 for a refresher.
  4. Plan your project using Microsoft Project. Define your resources (your team members, their activities, their scheduled completion dates, etc.). Attach your Microsoft Project as an appendix “C” to your paper.

5. Collect data on Waiting Lines using Supplement B starting on page 159. This data should include arrival time, departure time, time in line, # of customers in line, etc. Use a stop watch to record your measurements. Attributes I am looking for include Channel, Phase, Priority rules, waiting line arrangements. Analyze your data to determine averages (e.g. avg. waiting time). Discuss your findings and what recommendation (changes) you would make to improve (reduce waiting time). Attach all collected data for waiting lines as an appendix “D” to your paper.

6. From chapter 4, apply the principles of capacity management as follows:

7. From Chapter 5; apply the principles of constraint management and more specifically how your target business resolves bottlenecks. (pages 182 – 184)

8. From Chapter 6, observe your target business and document if any of the 5S principles are used (page 215). Also, identify any LEAN methods they may use (for minimizing waste)

9. From Chapter 8 apply and discuss the methods of forecasting used at your chosen business under study.

10. From Chapter 9 apply and discuss the Inventory Management methods used by the business you are studying.

11. From Chapter 10 apply and discuss Their Operations Planning process, methods and systems.

12. Skip Chapter 11

13. From chapter 12, discuss how they measure their supply chain performance, and their financial measures (pages 488- 490)

3. Conclusion: Conclude your paper by providing a summary of findings.

I have attached the book pages and i will attached more later

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