Apply the Three Most Significant Concepts After Reading the Article

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Apply the three most important concepts you have learned and how these concepts can be applied from reading the article below: (I need this by 5pm today)


Conflict-Management Style


is assertive and uncooperative – an individual pursues his

or her own concerns at the other person’s

expense. This is a power-oriented mode,

in which one uses whatever power seems appropriate to win one’s own position –

one’s ability to argue, one’s rank, econo

mic sanctions. Competing might mean

“standing up for your rights,” defending a

position which you believe is correct, or

simply trying to win.


is unassertive and cooperative – the opposite of competing. When

accommodating, an individual neglects hi

s or her own concerns to satisfy the

concerns of the other person; there is an

element of self-sacrifice in this mode.

Accommodating might take the form of

selfless generosity or charity, obeying

another person’s order when one would prefer

not to, or yielding to another’s point

of view.


is unassertive and uncooperative – the individual does not immediately

pursue his own concerns or those of the ot

her person. He or she does not address

the conflict. Avoiding might take the form

of diplomatically sidestepping an issue,

postponing an issue until a better time, or

simply withdrawing from a threatening



is both assertive and cooperative – the opposite of avoiding.

Collaborating involves an attempt to work

with the other person to find some

solution which fully satisfies the concerns

of both persons. It means digging into

an issue to identify the underlying concerns of the two individuals and to find an

alternative which meets both

sets of concerns. Collabor

ating between two persons

might take the form of exploring a di

sagreement to learn from each other’s

insights, concluding to resolve some c

ondition which would otherwise have them

competing for resources, or confronting and trying to find a creative solution to an

interpersonal problem.


is intermediate in both asser

tiveness and cooperativeness. The

object is to find some expedient, mutua

lly acceptable solution which partially

satisfies both parties. It falls on

a middle ground between competing an

accommodating. Compromising gives up

more than competing but less than

accommodating. Likewise, it

addresses an issue more di

rectly than avoiding, but

doesn’t explore it in as much depth as

collaborating. Compromising might mean

splitting the difference, exchanging conce

ssions, or seeking a quick middle-ground




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