Appraising the literature

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Please See Attachment for Instructions

Week 3: Discussion Question – Appraising the Literature

Discussion Topic

Top of Form

Discussion Prompt

Once you have selected a PICOT question discuss your strategies for conducting a systematic search/review of the literature in order to answer your question.  Explain how you will critically appraise the literature you have selected to determine the best evidence for this assignment. 


Initial Post:

APA format with intext citations

Word count minimum of 250

References: 2 high-level scholarly references within the last 5 years in APA format.

Plagiarism free.

Turnitin receipt.


Discussion Question – PICOT Question

“Will it assist lower blood pressure if Asian Americans over the age of 40 who have hypertension adhere to their meds, diet, and exercise regimen?”

Population: Adult Asian Americans over the age of 40 years old

Intervention: Drug compliance, as well as the implementation of a diet and exercise program to regulate blood pressure

Comparison: Noncompliance with medicine, exercise, and nutrition regimens among Asian-American adults.

Outcome: Bring down your blood pressure to a normal level of less than 120 at the systolic level and 80 at the diastolic level.

Time: At least a six-month time frame is required.

In those with high blood pressure, the blood’s constant pressure on the artery walls is so great that it increases the risk of health issues, including heart disease, in the long term (Mayo Clinic Staff, 2018). During my time working in the telemetry unit, I’ve seen several Asian seniors who were admitted to my floor due to a hypertension emergency. As far as I’m aware, a large proportion of the Asian population still rejects Western medicine in favor of traditional herbal cures. It’s not uncommon for people to worry that their medication will do more damage than good. Because of my ethnicity, I want to educate the Asian community about how medicine and a healthy diet may help people regulate their blood pressure. To protect patients from developing cardiovascular disease, blood pressure medicine has a favorable impact. Educate them on how to control their blood pressure by making dietary changes and engaging in 30 minutes of moderate to vigorous exercise three times daily. According to Lu et al. (2019), cardiovascular disease (CVD) may be exacerbated by hypertension.


Lu, X., Juon, H.-S., He, X., Dallal, C. M., Wang, M. Q., & Lee, S. (2019). The Association Between Perceived Stress and Hypertension Among Asian Americans: Does Social Support and Social Network Make a Difference? Journal of Community Health44(3), 451–462.

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