Argumentative Essay: 3 Pages + Title Page + References Page ( total 5 pages) APA format.

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You MUST choose one topic from the attached list.

Argumentative essay instructions

  1. You’re going to compose an Argumentative Essay in APA format. You must
    argue for a particular side. See video, notes, and our textbook readings about APA
  2. Double­spaced, Times New Roman, size 12.
  3. Running head: page numbers are inserted in the upper right corner; the title of your
    essay appears in the upper left corner (not your name­­that is MLA style, this is APA
  4. You may pick your topic (see below).
  5. You must use the Coastline Online Library for at least three of the sources. See
    guidance below.
  6. Be sure to prewrite: brainstorm, read, research, gather ideas, and group them into an
  7. At the start of an APA­style essay you’ll have a title page. At the end of your APA­
    style essay you’ll have a section titled References.
  8. Please cite your sources in APA style. Remember that MLA citations require (author
    page #) after a quotation or paraphrase, whereas APA citations require (author, year,
    p. #). Note the commas in APA style to separate this info.
  9. As this essay is short­ish, there is no need to include an abstract. (The abstract is a
    summary preview of the essay.) However, on your final project due at the end of the
    semester, you will write an abstract.
  10. Total length will be around five pages

    – Title page (one page)
    – One intro paragraph + five argumentative body paragraphs + one conclusion
    paragraph = seven paragraphs total
    – References page (one page)

Argumentative essay rubric

  • Format (font, margins, spacing, running head, title page, References) (1 point)
  • Quotations (signal phrase, quotation, APA citation with author, year, p. #) (2 points)
  • Argumentation (five body paragraphs, well-chosen evidence, major and minor supporting details, logic) (4 points)
  • Organization (intro, thesis, body paragraphs, transitions, topic sentences, conclusion sentences, conclusion paragraph) (4 points)
  • Grammar, punctuation, mechanics, syntax (4 points)

TOTAL (15 points)

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