Assignment 1 Unit 3

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Comparative Visits

For this assignment, you will visit, either in person or online and by phone, two long-term or skilled nursing facilities that differ in their payment structures for most of the residents in each facility. One facility is to be predominantly private pay and the other should be predominantly Medicare and Medicaid pay.

The following questions will help you to create a checklist and questionnaire that guide your observations and information gathering during the visits:

  • How will you measure levels of economic requirements for each facility?
  • What tools will you use to measure either quantitative, comparative results or qualitative results? Does your checklist adequately describe and analyze factors associated with quality of life?
  • Does your checklist address the comparisons of physical and psychosocial concerns and needs?
  • Does your checklist identify and compare the social, psychological, and economic differences in living conditions? Does your checklist gather information concerning accommodations in terms of social and psychological support? What role does economics play in these living conditions?
  • What is the impact of economic conditions on the level of care available?
  • What is the difference in the level of support available through government resources such as Medicare and Medicaid enrollees and private pay?
  • How does the ability to pay affect the level of psychosocial support?

While these questions cover the material broadly, they should not limit you. Review the Comparative Visits Scoring Guide to see how your facility visit and summary report will be graded.

Submit in the assignment area a summary of the findings from your visits to two health care facilities for older adults. There is no minimum or maximum length for this assignment but the typical summary is 3–5 pages.

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