Audience analysis assignment

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Audience Analysis Assignment

Argument Presentation, you have two audiences who will view and review your presentation: your instructor and your classmates.

For your instructor, ask yourself what will it take to convince them that you’ve done a terrific job of presenting an argument? Hint: pay close attention to all the requirements for the assignment and be passionate about your topic.

For your classmates, your informed and intelligent peers, what do you know about these audience members and what will they expect from your presentation?

For this assignment, write up two substantial paragraphs addressing the following:

Paragraph 1 – How will you persuade your instructor that you’ve done a good job on your Video Argument Presentation?

· What will your instructor be expecting from you?

· Use the rubric and what you know about your instructor to determine these criteria. Sometimes just thinking about the person who grades your work as an audience can help you appeal to them.

Paragraph 2 – Describe how you intend to appeal to your second audience: this term’s classmates.

· What do you know about your peers? Really stop and think about them. Remember, each of them introduced themselves to you in week 1 and you’ve been hearing from them each week since.

· What are their demographics – age, gender, educational level, etc.?

· What do you think will influence or persuade them?

· How will you use pathos in your presentation? Be specific.

· How will you use ethos? The more you think this out, the better.

· How will you use logos? You should use all of these big three!


Position Statement Activity

Position Statement Activity


Patient Safety



A nurse’s first and foremost duty to a patient is to safeguard their safety. Every nurse must prioritize patient care.

Following directions may not free nurses and other non-physicians of accountability when they fall short of the required standard of care. On the other hand, nurses are taught to evaluate medical advice and judge whether it is harmful to the patient. For example, when a physician fails to assess or treat a patient properly, a nurse must follow the “chain of command” method to safeguard the patient by either withholding or finding appropriate care and treatment for the patient.

To implement a “chain of command” system, every hospital and healthcare facility must have written protocols detailing a step-by-step approach. When a patient is injured, a nurse’s failure to follow the “chain of command” protocol may be considered malpractice.

Source: The Nurse Attorney. (2022). A nurse’s independent duty to the patient. The Nurse Attorney, P.A.



In research done by the researchers of “Patient Safety and Quality: An Evidence-Based Handbook for nurses,” the focus was on the major injury and safety issues for working nurses. According to the research, Others remain unexplored and unsolved, despite considerable evidence-based findings for epidemiology and prevention. Even though many risk factors for nursing injury remain neglected, there is much room for improvement. Increasing nurse safety has many advantages, including maintaining existing nurses and attracting new ones. Too much work can harm a nurse’s health, resulting in poor patient care. These resources must be leveraged to promote staff safety as well. In the long run, these changes will help patients by making nurses healthier and more productive.

Source: Trinkoff, A. M., Geiger-Brown, J. M., Caruso, C. C., Lipscomb, J. A., Johantgen, M., Nelson, A. L., … & Selby, V. L. (2008). Personal safety for nurses. Patient safety and quality: An evidence-based handbook for nurses.



The link between nurse-to-patient ratios and patient outcomes is likely due to increased effort, stress, and potential nursing burnout. Nurses are at risk of making errors due to their high-intensity work. Human factors engineering principles mandate that when performing a complex operation, such as providing medication to a hospitalized patient, the work environment be as favorable as possible. However, operational concerns such as disruptions or equipment malfunctions may limit nurses’ ability to conduct their work safely and effectively. These interruptions have been associated with a higher risk of medication mistakes. However, the association between interruptions and errors shows how flaws in a nurse’s regular work environment undermine patient safety.

Source: Phillips, J., Malliaris, A., MSN, & Bakerjian, D. (2021). Nursing and patient safety. PSNet.


Nurses owe a duty to care for their patients, so they should put their patient’s safety before their own.

Organizational Patient Safety Argument Presentation Assignment

Part 1 – Freewriting Prompt

In the current assignment, I will focus on exploring patient safety as my topic. Patent safety from an organizational perspective has become a significant consideration for nurses who understand that they must care for the patients. Again, data indicate that patient safety is one of the main issues contributing to positive patient outcomes and high quality of care. I believe that holding a high level of patient safety is my duty and obligation conferred to me as a professional nurse (Trinkoff et al., 2008). It is essential to convince the audience that I am saying is true. I will borrow facts and statistics from recently researched documents to clarify the arguments to achieve this goal. I believe that my audience understands the dynamics in the healthcare industry. In this way, I will have to cite recently published data to support my arguments.

It hasn’t proven easy in the past to use pathos to persuade the audience. However, since this assignment allows the use of audio-visual, it will be easy to use emotional appeals to persuade the audience. Visuals such as gestures, facial expressions, hand movements, body movements, and tone alteration will help me convey the message to the audience from an emotional perspective. I think there is nothing more imperative than establishing credibility with the audience. There are many techniques that I will use to earn the audience’s credibility. Firstly, I will use professional language to address the audience. I will reduce the professional organ to ensure that everyone understands my message. Again, I will cite past research to support my arguments. Although using professional language is imperative in this perspective, it is also essential to use simple language to convey the message effectively.

Part 2 – Planning Prompt

I believe that a successful speech begins with an important message that catches the audience’s attention. In this way, I will use statistics or famous quotes to hook my audience. For instance, I can start by saying that do you know that 3 out of 10 patients discharged from hospitals are readmitted because of poor patient safety. Or do you know that patient safety is a core value of the nursing profession? I am qualified to speak on the topic because I am a nurse practitioner and have gained enough experience in the past many years. Similarly, I have done much research on the subject, and I have vast knowledge to impart to the audience. My professional background, academic and training, areas of my expertise, and interests are some of the experiences that will help my audience understand me better.

In the argument, I will focus on the significance of patient safety and the impacts of poor patient safety on the patients, practitioners, and the organization. Again, I will explain how patient safety can be achieved from an organizational perspective. It is better to shrink the argument to a few issues to address them better. To effectively convey the message, I will begin with the definition of patient safety to the impacts of patent safety. Again, as much as patient safety is a significant consideration, some may say that it is a waste of time because nurses spend much time on a single patient and ignore the plight of others (Phillips et al., 2021). Irrespective of the opposing arguments, patient safety is significant because it improves treatment outcomes and contributes to the high quality of care. I will end the speech by calling the audience to action. I will advocate for improved patient safety in organizations to enhance the quality of care offered to the patients.


Phillips, J., Malliaris, A., MSN, & Bakerjian, D. (2021). Nursing and patient safety. PSNet.

Trinkoff, A. M., Geiger-Brown, J. M., Caruso, C. C., Lipscomb, J. A., Johantgen, M., Nelson, A. L., … & Selby, V. L. (2008). Personal safety for nurses. Patient safety and quality: An evidence-based handbook for nurses.

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