Biopsychosocial Assessment, psychology homework help

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For this assignment, complete all components of the Biopsychosocial

Assessment found in the Case

Study Treatment Plan for

the client you picked. When details from the case are vague or

missing, you are free to elaborate in the specific area. You will

also complete the following specific sections of the Case

Study Treatment Plan for

the unit 4 assignment:

  • Presenting

    • Describe
      the client’s behavior, including any developmental crises,
      disability, psychopathology, and situational and environmental
      factors that affect both normal and abnormal sexual behavior.
  • Legal,
    Ethical, and Other Considerations:

    • Identify
      ethical and legal considerations relevant to the client’s
      identified sexual issues.
    • Describe
      strategies for working with diverse clientele, in order to address
      issues of human sexuality.

integrate these multicultural considerations throughout the Case
Study Treatment Plan

  • Describe
    any cultural norms specific to the chosen client (for example,
    sexual orientation, religion, or race).
  • Describe
    the importance of family, social networks, and community systems in
    the treatment of mental and emotional disorders related to issues of
    human sexuality.

addition, place an “NA” in the following sections that are
not required for the Unit 4 assignment:

  • Identifying
  • Other
    Assessments .
  • Short
    Term Goals.
  • Long
    Term Goals .
  • Treatment
    Plan Interventions Annotated Bibliography.
  • Communication
    With Other Professionals.

sections will be updated before submitting the Unit 10 assignment. It
is necessary to type the “NA” in the sections so that the
case study can be submitted.

you have completed the Biopsychosocial Assessment, click the save
button and then click the preview button. When the preview screen
appears, notice that you can either (1) generate a PDF of the
biopsychosocial document or (2) e-mail the document to yourself. You
are permitted to do either. Submit a copy of the PDF Biopsychosocial
Assessment along with the Turnitin report to the assignment area…

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