Biz ethics – mini paper 1

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All written work in this course must comply with APA 7th edition in terms of style, document formatting and citation referencing.  

APA style required for all written Assignments

All written work in this course must comply with APA 7th edition in terms of style, document formatting and citation referencing. 


Identify and analyze specific ethical problem in your current or past organization. Pick a problem of manageable size. The nature of the ethical problem is up to you but make sure there is an ethical component to the problem since you will be analyzing it. Remember, this is an application exercise not a history lesson or presentation of abstract course material.

This is a mini-paper, which means it should be only 3-5 pages long (12 point Times New Roman, double-spaced). Brief does not mean superficial. You will have think carefully to best use the concepts from the course to help you answer the questions. Make sure you consult the grading rubric as you prepare your mini-paper and prior to submission. The grading rubric will be used to grade your mini-paper.

In narrative form, address the following areas:

· What is the nature of the ethical breakdown?

· What about the situation do you question ethically?

The work ethics of other members. Promotion criteria where people are forced (despite working so hard night and day) to do things they really do not want to do. No recognition what-so-ever for my efforts. I turned the system to favor our department nd unit, and we have emerged number one in the nationally for more than 8 months!

· What about the situation do you find acceptable?

Other than the fact that I live my job, and my customers appreciate my work, I am not sure if I love the system.

· How common is this problem?

Random, and not standardized.

· What guidance does the organization provide?

My organization has laid out all the standards and guidance for promotion and ethical working standard, but my unit is not willing to promote because they feel they have their own standards. The question now becomes “should I report this or not?”

· What actions would you recommend?

Be fair! Flush out non active members who have constantly refused to improve on themselves. Lighten the weight on members who are actually doing their jobs by hiring more active personnels. That would encourage members to meet all organizational and “unit” laid out standards.

· What did you learn new about managing ethical challenges?

You don’t always have to accept it and refusing to act against it may mean you accept it. I have come to the conclusion that ethical challenges are never the intent of the organization, but the few who are the leaders of the organization. People make the job difficult.


Executive Summary (or Abstract)

Text here. (The first line of the abstract should be flush left, not indented).

(Note – this may not be required for all assignments.)

Full Title (bold, centered, title case)

Text here if not starting with an immediate Level 1 heading… (indent first line)

Level 1 Heading (title case)

Text here… (indent first line)

Level 2 Heading (title case)

Text here… (indent first line)

Level 3 Heading (title case)

Text here. … (indent first line)

Level 4 Heading (title case). Text here….

Note on Headings: In title case, most words are capitalized.

Notes on margins:

· Use 1” margins.

· Align the text to the left and leave the right margin uneven (“ragged”). Do not use full justification.

Notes on Tables and Figures: There are two options for the placement of tables (and figures) in a paper. The first is to embed tables in the text after each is first mentioned (or “called out”); the second is to place each table on a separate page after the reference list.
Business reports prefer the 1st option
. These tables/figures should be ½ page or less and placed within the text just below the paragraph where the data is discussed. ALWAYS discuss your table/figure in the text before the table/figure, including a reference such as, “…as shown in Table 1.”

Example of table in APA 7:

Table 1

Responses to Survey Question “What Would You Change About Your Employer’s Maternity

Leave Policy? (Choose One)”







Length of paid leave



Hiring of replacement for leave



Salary during leave



Stigma associated with leave



Benefits during leave



Layoff protection during leave



Note. N = 1,022. Total of percentages is not 100 because of rounding.

Additional notes:

· Tables can be single, 1.5, or double-spaced depending on the most effective presentation of the data.

· Insert a double-spaced blank line between the text and the table or figure.

· Table #, title, and notes should be flush left.

Example of chart/graph/visual aid in APA 7:

Figure 1

Mean Number of Hand Gestures by Gender

Note. Women (n = 20) and men (n = 20) used hand gestures when telling a joke over a 5-min period.


(These are examples only – see the full APA Reference Guide for rules on all types of sources.)

Beck, C. J. A., & Sales, B. D. (2001). Family mediation: Facts, myths, and future prospects. American Psychological Association.

Hilts, P. J. (1999, February 16). In forecasting their emotions, most people flunk out. The New York Times.

Klimoski, R., & Palmer, S. (1993). The ADA and the hiring process in organizations. Consulting Psychology Journal: Practice and Research, 45(2), 10-36.

Nie, Y., Wei, F., Zhou, W., Hu, Y., Senior, A. M., Wu, Q., Yan, L., & Raubenheimer, D. (2019). Giant pandas are macronutritional carnivores. Current Biology, 29(10), 1677-1682.

Schiraldi, G. R. (2001). The post-traumatic stress disorder sourcebook: A guide to healing, recovery, and growth. McGraw-Hill.

Large Women Men 6.8 5.6 Small Women Men 15 10.199999999999999 One Hand Women Men 10 8 Two Hands Women Men 11.8 9


Mean No. of Gestures

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