Book Critique

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This paper is NOT a book report. As such it should not be a mere summary of the book. Instead, this is to be your findings concerning the book and your interpretations and critique of the author’s arguments. 

Confer, C. W. (2012). The Cherokee Nation in the Civil War. University of Oklahoma Press. ISBN: 978-0806142678

The link to the book was provided for the Abstract and Outline last week.

You should make sure to address the following: 

  • First, provide a basic overview of the subject matter of the book as well as the overall arguments the author is attempting to make.
  • Provide an analysis and critique of the author’s approach to the subject — how did the author get their point across? Explain the strengths and weaknesses in the book. Did this work answer questions you had about the subject? If so, how, and if not, what were you expecting from the work? 
  • Compare and contrast the book with other material on a similar topic, including the McPherson and Hogue textbook. How does the book author’s approach differ from McPherson and Hogue and any other related material you have read?
  • Finally, what did you find interesting or compelling about the book? These should be specifics about the content and arguments of the author, rather than generalizations.

The paper (not including the cover page) should be a minimum of 6 pages (approximately 1,500 words) in double spaced, and in 12 point Arial font. Sources should be cited in either APA format.

Your paper should include:

  • An introduction paragraph with a clear thesis statement outlining your overall argument
  • Body paragraphs with specific evidence from the book as well as any necessary outside research to support your points
  • In-text citations and references in APA style
  • A conclusion paragraph that synthesizes the information you present and summarizes your main points
  • The paper should reflect your own original thought
  • The writing should reflect an understanding of key concepts, and a high level of synthesis and critical thinking
  • The writing should be coherent, and each point should be well-developed, there should be no errors in grammar and syntax

This paper will be submitted and scanned for originality.

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