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A review provides a critical evaluation of a text, arguing either for the merit of the book or against it (sometimes a review is mixed). All book reviews share three common traits:

1. A review provides a summary of the text. This summary is typically an overview of the text, but without giving away any spoilers.

2. A review offers critical commentary or analysis of the text. The reviewer examines the content of the text (the writing, the subject matter, the development, the relevance, the importance, etc) and evaluates it based on their opinion, critical knowledge, and wider relevance.

3. A review makes a judgment and recommendation. The reviewer either recommends the book or does not, and states why.

For this discussion post, read the four reviews posted below and then provide a summary of each author’s critical commentary of the book. Did you agree with the author’s view of Educated? Why or why not? Use evidence to back up your claims.

Additionally, having read all four reviews, make one statement about what book reviews seem to have in common. This should be different from the three mentioned above.

Book Reviews

I recommend organizing your paper thus:

Title of Book review and name of reviewer:

Summary and response.

(Repeat for all four book reviews)

Statement about what book reviews seem to have in common.

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