Business Ethics Essay Assignment

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100 pts. Ethical Reflection Essay: Students are required to write a 3-5 page essay on ONE topic below.

You are required to answer only one essay prompt.The essay should include a brief summary with implications and YOUR personal reflections on the issue.Organize your essay as described below.

  • Summary: Briefly summarize the issue as described in the essay prompt. Organize your thoughts carefully since you need to express yourself concisely. This section should be no more than a third of the total paper.
  • Implications: What are the concerns, issues or implications related to this issue?There may be many implications and/or concerns you could choose to address.
  • Personal Reaction/Reflections: What is your personal reaction to the issue?This section should be no more than a third of the total paper.

Essays should be double-spaced using Times New Roman 12-pt font with one-inch page margins.Essays are due at class time; no late assignments will be accepted.

Essay Option 1, DUE Monday, October 22

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In this essay, briefly describe the major moral philosophies you have studied and read about in the textbook (deontology, teleology, virtue ethics) and that we have discussed in the class.In your essay, you should explain if you agree with one particular perspective (deontology) more than others.You should use specific examples to support your argument.

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