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  •   Individual written task.
  •   Questions answered in order, numbered (1.a.) and in essay format. Do not use bullet points.
  •   Answer the following questions in a single document using the information given to you throughout the course and additional research.
  •   You must research and find the laws or regulations that correspond to the questions that you are answering from a UK law perspective.
  •   Apply Harvard in-text citations in the document.

1. Katharine is a professional dancer, but due to an injury she will no longer be able to continue dancing at the same level. She is seeking legal advice on the possible business structures she can choose between if she decides to open a dance studio.

  1. Advise Katharine on the legal requirements in the UK to set up as a sole trader as opposed to starting a general partnership with some other dancers.
  2. You feel that Katharine should also know the pros and cons of a limited liability company.

a. Should Katharine decide to set up a limited company she needs to know the difference between ordinary, preference and redeemable

shares. Explain what these are to her. Which do you consider would be most appropriate in her case?

  1. Time has gone by and Katharine is running a successful business that has expanded to six dance studios and her students have won many international dance prizes. So successful that she has been approached by a large dance studio network that would like to acquire her business.
    1. Explain to Katharine what it would mean for her company to be acquired.
    2. The other party lets Katharine know that they would also be interested in an equity joint venture project developing dance studios
      aimed at the over 60s. Advise Katharine as to the pros and cons of this type of business structure. Provide real life examples.
    3. Explain to Katharine why you believe a merger would be a better option. Provide real life examples.
  2. Katharine and the party interested in acquiring her company have entered into a pre-contractual agreement under which part of the purchase price was paid to Katharine. However, at the last minute Katharine decides she does not what to let go of her business. The acquiring company is threating to sue her for breach of contract.
    1. Advise Katharine as to whether or not she may be sued for breach of a condition or warranty. Outline the effects of this.
    2. Katharine would rather avoid going to court and so asks you to tell the other company that she is willing to try to resolve the matter by
      either conciliation or arbitration. Explain what this would actually entail and which you consider to be most appropriate and why.

BCO 125 Business Law Make-up Midterm Task brief & rubric

 Individual written task in Harvard style format, cover page, Table of Contents, text alignment and Reference list.

 The student must build a coherent discussion or argument in essay format, analyzing theories and models. Law cases and case studies may be referred

to when providing examples.

 Students must write in complete sentences and develop paragraphs. No bullet points are allowed.

 Prepare and Introduction, Body, and Conclusion paragraphs.

 Sources must be used, identified, and properly cited.

 Format: Word document (no pdf) submitted through Turnitin


1. Provide a brief description of the key areas of law dealt with in the case study. Your answer must be given in full sentence/s, not bullet points.

2. Under contract law what is the weight of an advertisement?

3. Outline the contractual relationship of both Jenny and Mandy and the parents that hire them to tutor their children.

4. Imagine that Jenny and Mandy hire the services of the web designer, but do not pay for the services given. What can the web-designer do to get her

money back?

5. In relation to the work done for the elderly neighbour, time goes by and the she does not pay the girls. Do the girls have a legal right to be paid?

 Case Study

Jenny (18) and her sister Mandy (16) are both excellent students and have decided to try to make some extra money offering tutoring in

math and English. They have put up advertisements in shops in their neighbourhood and are getting a lot of positive response, so much so

that they are thinking of offering the classes online. The got in touch with a web designer who has provided them with a proposal of the

work that she could do and the cost.

Both girls are known in the neighbourhood for being open and friendly. One day after teaching a class Jenny’s elderly next-door-neighbour

stops her and asks her to sweep up the leaves and generally tidy up the garden. Jenny gets her sister Mandy to help her. The neighbour is

extremely happy and says she will pay them the next time she sees them.

 Wordcount: 800 – 1000

 Cover, Table of Contents, References and Appendix are excluded of the total word count.

 Font: Arial 11 pts.

 Text alignment: Justified.

 The in-text References and the Bibliography must be in Harvard’s citation style.

Submission: Sunday, 14th February 2021 – Via Moodle (Turnitin) by 23:59. Task 1 is worth 15% of your overall grade.

It assesses the following learning outcomes:

– LO1: understand the role of law as a business and management tool
– LO2: identify different issues and laws applicable in the context of doing business
– LO3: apply theoretical knowledge and understanding of business law to practical issues and challenges.





Marginal fail

Identification of



Identifies and demonstrates a
sophisticated understanding of
the main issues / problems in
the case study

Identifies and demonstrates an
accomplished understanding of
most of the issues/problems.

Identifies and demonstrates
acceptable understanding of
some of the issues/problems in
the case study

Does not identify or
demonstrate an acceptable
understanding of the
issues/problems in the case

Analysis and
Evaluation of

Issues /


Presents an insightful and
thorough analysis of all
identified issues/problems

Presents a thorough analysis of
most of the issues identified.

Presents a superficial
analysis of some of the
identified issues.

Presents an incomplete analysis
of the identified issues.

Development of

and Opinions


Supports diagnosis and
opinions with strong
arguments and well-
documented evidence;
presents a balanced and
critical view; interpretation
is both reasonable and

Supports diagnosis and opinions
with limited reasoning and
evidence; presents a somewhat
one-sided argument;
demonstrates little engagement
with ideas presented

Little action suggested
and/or inappropriate
solutions proposed to the
issues in the case study.

No action suggested and/or
inappropriate solutions
proposed to the issues in the
case study

Link to case law,
legislation and



Makes appropriate and
powerful connections
between identified
issues/problems and legal
concepts and legislation
studied in the course;
supplements case study with
relevant and thoughtful
research and cites all sources
of information

Makes appropriate but
somewhat vague connections
between identified
issues/problems and legal
concepts and legislation studied
in the course; supplements case
study with limited research and
citation of sources of

Makes inappropriate or little
connection between issues
identified and the legal concepts
and legislation studied in the
course; supplements case study,
if at all, with incomplete research
and citation of information.

Makes no connection between
issues identified and legal
concepts and legislation studied
in the course; little to no
research or documentation.

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