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This is the assignment outline.


Topic: Some eras, moments and peoples been given greater weight than others in post-Confederation Canadian history.  Compare and contrast two such examples and argue in support or against (or a combination thereof).


So my topic is: how the Red River Rebellion was not given as much positive attention as the National Policy where the national policy brought only a positive nature to trade and not to the building of a unified country. (you can re-word if needed)




Below is my annotation of what I want the paper to be about:


 Annotation: (I wrote this so you can use this in the paper if needed)

There have been some moments in post confederation Canada that have been given greater attention and weight than others in Canadian History. The Red River Rebellion is still seen to this day as a negative event and gets less attention than the National Policy. Though the National Policy was important in the post confederation Canada it only was positive in the ability to trade and grow economically. John A MacDonald stated that the National Policy would bring independence as a country to become unified when it only did the opposite when it came to the indigenous people who were settled in Canada before the English speaking Canadians. The National Policy has over shadowed the national importance of Louis Riel and his purpose of the Red River Rebellion. His goal was to defend the independence of the aboriginal people and their rights to their own land and resources so the English speaking Canadians could not take that away from them. The Red River Rebellion needs more attention to the fact that its purpose was to save the identity of a culture and society. The Métis were fighting for what was rightfully theirs instead of only applying themselves to wealth, trade, and economy they applied themselves to their identity and own cultural ways. You can’t build a unified country with broken and stripped cultures that could not defend what what’s rightfully theirs. The government only focused on strengthening the Canadian economy when you truly need the strengthening in national balance and cultural identity.


Attached are the articles i would like you to use to cite only please ! 🙂

Below are the teachers instructions for the paper:

Recommended Research Paper Process—For everyone


1.     RESEARCH your PREMISE/IDEA/TOPIC. Using your bibliography and the feedback I will provide, research your topic thoroughly. Read the books and articles you have collected. Make notes of the material that will help you to answer your question(s).


2.     REFINE your PREMISE/IDEA/TOPIC. Once you have completed your research, you will be able to frame the particular historical question that you want to address in your paper. The answer to this question will form the THESIS STATEMENT of your paper. Note that a question is not the same as a topic.


3.     DEVELOP your ARGUMENT. You must support your thesis with supporting arguments backed by evidence that you have drawn from your research. So think out your argument carefully before you begin to write.


4.     WRITE a 1500-2000 word paper – 12 point font, reasonable margins.    


5.     REVISE your paper. The best writing is rewriting. Ensure that your paper has a clear thesis statement, that the body of your paper is made up of well-organized supporting arguments for your thesis argument, and that your conclusion sums up and draws together your argument. You may find it useful to outline your paper at this stage to check that its structure is sound.


6.     INCLUDE FOOTNOTES and a BIBLIOGRAPHY. This is a formal history paper. Therefore, it must conform to the standard format required in the field, particularly with respect to citation of sources (Chicago Style). Failure to use citation where appropriate can be construed as plagiarism.

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