Assignment 2: Persuasive Memo (700-1,000 words)

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After several weeks on the job you’ve noticed that the company has not used the Internet to communicate with its present or potential customers.  You think a Web site or a blog might be a good way to start using the Internet; and, since you’ve done some freelance  Web designing and blogging in the past, you are confident that you can set up one and maintain both to the company’s advantage.  But first you must persuade your supervisor that either or both will be a useful communications tool and not a waste of time and money–his often expressed opinion about the Internet in general.  Prepare an e-mail message (again use the format on pp.402, 403 –no PDF or screen captures, please.)  Your memo must be editable. For examples of blogs see pp.147-152  in Bovee and Thill, particularly the example on p.152



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