this is for art class arh1000

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assignment vist a local art museum, find a sculpture in a nerby park or study the architecture of a building do a detailed formal analysis of the art work of your choice in person  paln on spending a signficant amount of time in front of the artwork and be sure to consider how the artist used all of the elements and principles.

describe how thy are used in the work and how it affect the overall compsition.


this is not considerd a rescarh paper ,however some researh will be required to address your specifc artwork, therefore a bobliography will be necessary. any reach outside of the text book need to be noted  image founnd a used  names contact /businesses uesd to discus specifif topics

*this eassy will need a formal analysis on the


* list and describe the way in which at least 4 element and 4 principle hav been applied in a selcetd compsiton locate 4 element in the composition and describing which object they occupy

*explan how the composition is balanced and how the element in the composition by size number or position ,describe the use of 3 other principle of design in the composition

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