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Favoritism, Politics, and Comparative Advantage: Minimum 12 Pages

Write an analytical paper that examines free trade agreements and customs unions in the context of international trade.  You will find no shortage of sources on this topic, so your paper should be as specific as possible and should focus on a single agreement as the central case study for your analysis.

Begin your paper with a 3-5 page discussion of free trade agreements.  What are they; whether they are beneficial to trade; whether they violate the rules of the GATT, etc.

Continue by examining and evaluating a single case of an FTA or customs union that you find interesting.  How did it form; is it beneficial to all parties; how does it interact with the GATT and other WTO member states?

Conclude your analysis with a review of the future of trade—will FTAs become the rule rather than the exception, and are these often politically-driven agreements benefiting world trade or taking away the equality that the WTO promotes?

Your paper should be well written, and properly referenced with a minimum of seven (7) research articles from peer reviewed journals, cases from the WTO, and books. Do not use unverifiable sources such as articles with no responsible author or institution.

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