Marriage and Family Essay

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I need someone serious to do my assignment, someone who will not forget the date that i need this assignment, and someone who will get the job done right.however, the answers that need to be provided has to relate to marriage and family, if i do not not see that it doesn’t relate to it, I will have to dispute because that let me know you have not read my requirements. the assignment has to be due on 2/3/2015 @ 7:00 pm eastern time. this assignment must have 10 paragraphs. you can find the assignment down below…..




Describe how parents in China, India, and Indonesia control the partner selection of their children.  What do you like the best about any of these practices? Why? What do like the least about any of these practices? Why?

Essay MINIMUM expectations: 1 introductory paragraph, 1 paragraph to explain each country’s partner selection paractices  (total of 3 paragraphs), 1 parapgraph for what you liked best/least and for why you like the best/least you chose  (total 4 paragraphs), 1 concluding paragraph.

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