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September 17 is Constitution Day!  This is the day that We, the People of the United States, commemorate the signing of the U.S. Constitution.  39 brave delegates to the Constitutional Convention drafted and signed this historical document, setting the foundation for our wonderful country.


Please explore this interactive site:, to explore the Constitution piece by piece, from the articles through the Bill of Rights and other amendments. 


Or, try this online exploration activity to see what daily life might be like without the Bill of Rights.


In recognition of Constitution Day, this discussion forum has been set up, giving you an opportunity to reflect upon, and discuss the Constitution and how it affects the Real Estate Industry today.  This forum is in addition to the weekly topic and will serve as extra credit for the forum portion of your final grade.


This forum will be open for your participation from September 9 through September 20.  For full credit, you must post an initial post and reply to at least one of your classmates’ initial posts.


The forum grading rubric will not apply precisely to this forum, however your initial post must be at least 250 words, and your responses at least 100 words, explaining why you agree/disagree or appreciate their perspectives. 


For the initial response, you are encouraged to utilize audio or video files to communicate or illustrate your reflection upon your chosen topic.  If you are more comfortable verbally communicating, go for it!


The optional topics to choose from are noted below, either in question form or in statement form, meant to be a discussion starter.  You only need to choose one and ensure that your discussion of the topic is related to this course topic.  Some of the topics may be more personally charged for you, but remember to be tactful, polite and scholarly when interacting within the classroom.  Healthy debate is great, but verbal attacks or bashing are not.


  • What part of the Constitution or the Bill of Rights do you feel is most applicable to you, as a Real Estate professional and why?
  • Carrying concealed weapons inside a business environment; real estate office, retail store, restaurant, hotel, while traveling, etc.
  • If asked by a non-citizen employee, how would you explain the Constitution and what it means to you and your career?
  • What is your interpretation of the 9th amendment as it relates to the Real Estate Industry?


What if you were hosting a gathering (a meeting or a banquet for example) for a group of people and another group of people gathered to protest that particular group?  Does the First Amendment come into play, and how would you handle that protest?


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