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After watching the barn-raising scene from the movie Witness, where a team of Amish people successfully build a barn, describe what characteristics you observed among the barn building team that made it successful.




Last week, you described a team you have been involved with and the team’s level of success.  This week, we have focused on the characteristics of effective and dysfunctional teams.  Based on last week’s discussion, and this week’s readings and videos, identify the specific characteristics you see on the team you were on and discuss whether those characteristics made the team effective or ineffective.

  Preparation for Group Research Project


Read the student introductions posted in Week 1.  With whom do you share a common background?  Who has a background that is different from yours and makes you want to learn more about them?  What is in their background that makes them interesting?  List five or so other students that you might want to work with in a group.  Try to look for people who have different backgrounds from yours.  Diversity can lead to some great and innovative ideas.  These posts will help us form groups.

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