Data Analytics Technology Pitch

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Data analysis in health care today includes two important elements: human and machine. Data analysts serve an important role by interpreting health care data and making recommendations to stakeholders for its potential impacts and uses. These highly-skilled individuals also rely on cutting-edge technology to aid in data collection, analysis, implementation, and assessment.   

          Evaluation Title: Data Analytics Technology Pitch

Part I: In one paragraph, discuss the role of data analytics in health care today. Assume the role of a performance improvement director at a well-funded hospital. Research and identify three possible analytics technology platforms to consider implementing at your hospital. In approximately one paragraph, and using bullet points, provide a professional summary of the pros, cons, and key features of each platform.

Part II:

Select one of the analytics platforms to recommend to your hospital’s Board of Directors.

Create an “elevator pitch” presentation using PowerPoint to deliver to the BOD. Remember to include relevant correlations to your hospital’s data analysis needs.

Your presentation should be no longer than five minutes and should include speaker’s notes, recorded audio, or a separate transcript of the presentation speech.  For assistance with speaker notes or recording audio, utilize the following links: Microsoft Support. (2018). Add Speaker Notes to a Slide  (Links to an external site.)[Website]. Microsoft Support. (2018). Record a Slide Show with Narration and Slide Timings  (Links to an external site.)[Website].

Note: The assignment submission should include a minimum of 3 references overall.

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