MGT 405 – DQ1 (250-300 words)

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Please review these questions.  For this DQ, select two questions to respond to. 1) Are you in favor of unions? Explain your reasons for either side of this issue. 2) Are you a union member or have you been a member? What did you feel you gained from it? 3) Do you think that workers should have the right to join an union or not even if the employer has a collective bargaining agreement with an union.  Take a side and discuss.

Please feel free to share whatever comments you would like regarding unionization. We will explore more detailed and specific subject matter related to Labor Relations in future weeks. The important issue is not to be brief.  Responding with two or three sentences to far too brief.  You can respond in a Question and Answer Format.  Please make sure that your answer to each question reflects a thorough analysis of your part.  Please never use bullet points to respond

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