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Here is how I think you can phrase and extend your questions to take “communication” into account (as this is our topic of study). How are you notified of the benefits or services your company or place of employment offers you and what is your understanding of the benefits available to you? What suggestions could you make to facilitate or make this kind of information easier to understand or get from those in charge? Tell me about a time you felt like your company (or HR representative) made you feel like they really care about you and your well-being? OR, made you feel like they did not care about you at all?  Describe what it feels like to know that people at your job have access to very personal information (medical status, wages, employment history, legal troubles) about you? Talk about a time your personal information was used against you. What personal information do you know about the people who are in your HR department? How did you obtain this information? Do you think they know you know?  Describe a time when you  reached out to your human resources department with a grievance or a suggestion? How was it received? Did you ever see results because of your suggestion or grievance?


need to interview 4 people

10 pages 

10 scholarly sources, CITED

find literature that goes against my position

3 arguments/theories/concepts

need descriptive words

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