Letter- Illegal Requirements

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DUE TOMORROW, 08/20/2017 AT 14:00!!!!


Well done! Your CEO approved your proposal in the hiring of a new position of Claims Supervisor. There’s just one problem; your CEO has told you the “type” of person to hire with an explanation in parenthesis:

  Male (supervising mostly men) Aged 35 (shows experience and maturity) Single, no children (due to the hours the position will require) 5 Years’ experience as Supervisor (less training needed) From the same industry (familiar with the terminology, vendors, etc.) Master’s degree in Business (Supervisor role)

As the Human Resource Manager for the auto insurance company called Premium Auto Insurance, it is your role and responsibility to ensure qualifications are ethically and legally associated with the position being hired.


You notice your CEO has given you some illegal requirements for the position ; but he/she is your CEO and you are new to the position . He/she must know what they are talking about, right? As the Human Resource Manager it is ultimately your responsibility to address this, not the CEO.


Conduct academic research, using library’s database as well as reliable webpages and create a minimum 3 page letter to the CEO in which you complete the following:


1.     Identification of the Acts/Laws that are being violated by the request.

2.     Explanation of each Act/Law being violated by the request.

3.     Discuss why the requests are unethical.

4.     Explain why it’s important for the company to uphold ethical practices.

5.     Describe the consequences of NOT following through with the requested qualifications.

6.     Remember that this is a business letter . Make sure to format your paper properly for your letter. This letter is a business document, so make sure to use proper language and tone. Remember, you are the HR Manager and you are writing to the CEO so use a tone in your letter that is specific to your audience (the CEO). You also need to be persuasive.

7.     Include an APA formatted title page and reference page with at least 2 credible sources . Make sure to include APA in-text citations for any information used from outside sources.


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