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Watch the film Persepolis and answer the following questions:

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4kenny General thoughts about the film: did you like it or not and why? Did you enjoy the graphic novel/anime genre? Did you mind the subtitles? Did the film change some of the preconceptions you may have had about Iran? It’s ok to say that it didn’t! Just explain why or why not. What is the tone of the film? (light, funny, nostalgic, self-reflective, angry, sad…) Justify your answer with specific examples from the film. Persepolis is as much about Marjane growing up as it is about the difficult war period in Iran. In what ways is this a typical coming of age story? How does Marjane cope with growing up away from her country and her family? Iran had lots of restrictions on what Iranians, and women in particular, could and could not do. How does Marjane’s family follow and resist those restrictions at the same time? Talk about 2 things that you either liked or disliked in the film and explain why. What are 2 questions you have about the story or the characters? React, via Flipgrid, to 3 of your classmates’ comments. Be respectful and say more than just ‘That’s interesting’ and ‘I agree with you.’

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