colbrate the attachments and whats posted below together and then references at the end please, let the paper make sence

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enforcement as well as corrections personnel are constantly exposed to numerous forms of corruption.  They are confronted with less than ideal conditions or outside their comfort level.  Researchers have attempted to explain why these individuals succumb to corruption calling it functional explanation.  In other words, corruption is fundamental in society’s struggle to implement ineffective laws.  Many types of deviance violate the Code of Ethics these officers were sworn to uphold in addition to it being illegal. These include perjury, bribery, excessive force beyond legitimate police functions, misuse of authority, etc. (Barnhart, 2010).

            In the correctional system, there has always been a continuous issue with corruption.  Although there are many reasons why corruption occurs, however, the vast majority agree that the main reason why officers get involved with corruption is of personal financial gain (McCarthy,n.d.). 

            Corruption in the Police Department is also a problem that affects law enforcement officers as well as the citizens in the community.  It is said that power unavoidably leans toward corruption and although there is no reason to assume that officers are any different from other people, society  considers corruption a bigger offense when it involves law enforcement personnel, leaving the citizens with a sense of betrayal. “Most studies support the opinion that corruption is widespread in police departments. The risk of corruption for police is that it may void the goals of the department and may lead to misuse of authority increasing and producing more crime instead of discouraging it (Analysis of Police Corruption,n.d.).



Recommendations on addressing Police and Corrections Corruption


    Prescreening potential officers

    • Although potential officers are interviewed and given psychological screenings prior to being considered for the position, it is recommended that a more in depth background checks and psychological screenings is administered (White, 1999).

      Community involvement

      • The community as a whole should get involved with their local law enforcement agencies.  The police agency has the task of monitoring their own officers, however, the support and assistance from its community is encouraged.  The community may establish review boards that can keep an eye on the police agency (Analysis of Police Corruption,n.d.).

        Ethics Training

        • Ethics training should not only be offered prior to employment but throughout the officer’s career.  In certain departments as vice and narcotics, it has been determined that corruption is higher.  Ethics personnel should monitor these departments regularly in an effort to pro-actively prevent or minimize corruption (Barry, 1999).

          Merit and Incentive Pay

          • It has been noted that when officers are offered incentive pay for whistle blowing corrupt officers, the rate of corruption is decreased.  In addition, when officers are comfortable with their rate of pay, merit increases, etc. these officers are less likely to involve themselves in any type of corruption (Allen, 2003).

Final Paper

In my opinion, the paper should be a combination of all the members of the group.  The first part should include the various practices of corruption in the police department and correctional facilities.  Second part should include all the recommendations suggest to help prevent corruption in these departments.  This part should include the importance of all the ethical issues that need to be addressed.














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