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I need a 4 page paper….defining a WORD……which meets below requirements…asap



Definition Essay Rubric                                                                      Total:             /100




Exceeds Expectations: (Meets all objectives, or accomplishes objective thoroughly)                                                                     


Proficient: (Meets most objectives, or accomplishes objective generally)


Basic Understanding: (Meets some objectives, or accomplishes objective somewhat)


Below Basic Understanding: (Meets Few or No Objectives, or barely accomplishes objective, if at all)






Exceeds Expectations


Basic Understanding

Below Basic Understanding

Assignment Goals





1.) Lays out the ‘dialogue’— the differing perspectives regarding the interpretation of the topic

2.) Author briefly clarifies what he or she considers the typical, but incorrect, interpretation of the topic.

3.) Thesis statement is specific, organized, and lays out the author’s interpretation of the topic’s definition.

4.) Definition remains consistent throughout essay

5.) Topic is explored through the use of differing methods; describing what the topic is, pointing out what the topic is not, and illustrating those concepts for the reader

6.) Conclusion discusses the significance of recognizing his or her interpretation of the topic as the correct interpretation.






Essay Structure



1.) Each paragraph is focused and organized, with a clear tie-in to the thesis.

2.) The introduction effectively clarifies your main purpose and point for the reader. It features an effective thesis statement.

3.) In the essay’s body, main ideas are well organized and the argument is thoroughly analyzed from numerous perspectives and supported with factual information.






Grammar, Mechanics, & Formatting



1.) Grammar and mechanics errors are nonexistent or rare, and are never distracting.

2.) Paper is typed in 12-point font, double-spaced, Times New Roman font.














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