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This discussion focuses on situations of targeting gone bad (by some person’s standards). Begin by reading the attached article and then answer one of the following questions.

  • Identify and provide examples of different bases used to segment markets (demographics, psychographics, geographics, geodemographics, benefits, occasion, usage rates)
  • Define criteria for evaluating potential success of alternative market segments
  • Demonstrate how criteria can be used to assist managers in target market selection
  • Define the different approaches to  target segmentation strategies and be able to distinguish examples of each
  • Describe what marketers can learn about market positioning from a perceptual map
  • Use an example of a perceptual map to demonstrate how a perceptual map can be used in decision making related to marketing positioning
  • Identify an example of a business that faced conflict with stakeholder group(s) because of a strategic choice made about targeting a particular market segment; decide your support/lack of support for the company’s choice and explain the values you base your decision on and how those values affect your decision about the ethics of the company’s decision

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