Analyzing the Opposition

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Analyzing the Opposition
After exploring the opposition, it is also important to analyze the opposition. You need to analyze the author’s position and provide your position on the article.

Assessment Directions:
Find three articles—primary and secondary sources—from the ITT Tech Virtual Library that argue for the opposite side of your position. You may use the article that you post in the forum as one of these.

In this analysis, write a minimum of three paragraphs of about 200 words each for a total of at least 550- to 600-words for the whole assignment. For each article:

  1. List the article in APA format to practice citing sources in APA format.
  2. Summarize the article in 2–3 sentences.
  3. Analyze if there is any validity to the author’s position in 2–3 sentences. You can say something like, “Although I disagree, this position makes sense because (and give a few reasons here).”
  4. Explain if and how this opposition article helps you to understand your own position on the topic.

Submission Requirements:

  • Submit your responses for grading in a Microsoft Word document.
  • Adhere to Standard English grammar, spelling, and punctuation requirements.
  • Use 12-point Arial font and double-space.

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