Research Report on IT Ethics

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For this assignment, you will research an issue related to information technology ethics. You may want to select a topic you feel will have an impact on your professional life. Your paper will be a minimum of three pages long. You must have a minimum of three references, cited using APA (6th edition) guidelines. Papers that do not meet the project requirements will receive point deductions.


Choose One:

There are many options to pursue. Here are some possibilities:

  • Access or digital divide.
  • Legal liability or accountability.
  • Codes of ethics.
  • Fair information practice principles.
  • Privacy protection.
  • Electronic medical records/HIPAA.
  • Copyrights.
  • The role of cookies.
  • Data mining, property rights.
  • Hackers and hacking.
  • Criminal behavior on the Internet.
  • Global issues.
  • Policy approaches (for example, privacy policies or employer policies related to cyberethics).
  • Social implications and social values.
  • Laws and the legal system.
  • Whistle blowing.
  • Workplace monitoring.
  • Viruses.
  • Social networks.
  • Biometric technology.

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