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Your office has been contacted concerning a
Circuit Court Judge in Anytown, USA. Judge NICOLAUS PUNISHEVERYONE has recently
heard a murder case involving two (2) juveniles – one 16 years of age and one
18 years of age. The two juveniles were arrested and charged with murder after
a lengthy investigation that established the following facts. On July 4, 2018,
at approximately 10:00 p.m. two young adults – 1 male and 1 female –
were stopped at one of the local scenic view areas when they were approached by
the two juvenile offenders. Under the guise of asking for directions they
struck up a conversation with the two young adults that eventually led to them
giving the juveniles a ride to a secondary location. Sometime during the drive
to the secondary location the adult male was shot in the head and the female
subject was beaten unconscious with an undetermined blunt object. The male’s
body was later found in the water while the female’s body was uncovered buried
on the property of one of the juvenile’s parents’ home. Autopsies determined
that the female was badly beaten over a period of multiple hours, and that the
juveniles made her withdraw money from her ATM on multiple occasions during the
beatings. The autopsy then determined that the female was buried alive and
later died of asphyxiation. During the interviews with the juveniles the 16
year old repeatedly laughed about how much the female begged for help and asked
to be let go. At one point the 16 year old even went so far as to laugh and
recreate one of the beatings to the air around the table he was being
interviewed at. When told that he was being charged he stated that he was not
overly concerned because he was a juvenile and that he had been arrested before
and that he could wait out his sentence in the custody of the juvenile
correctional system until his 21st birthday. Even when told he would be charged
as an adult he continued to laugh and to make jokes about the suffering of the
female. Judge PUNISHEVERYONE has indicated that if convicted by the jury of
their peers that he intends to sentence the juveniles – both of them – to death
by lethal injection. Some have argued to the judge that he cannot do that due
to the prohibition against cruel and unusual punishment provisions in the
United States Constitution.

You are to prepare a report and
discussion that will support the execution of the juveniles if convicted (or
perhaps if you prefer or your research leads you to prohibit the execution).
Your discussion can include a discussion on the legal precedent of the death
penalty (as it relates to the idea of cruel and unusual punishment) but must
focus on specifically the execution of individuals who are 16 and 18 years of
age respectively. Also, this argument must be based on legal merits and not the
author’s personal beliefs on the death penalty. No less than 5 pages including
(not including title page and reference page) and contain predominantly case
citations, so limited citations of websites or books unless you are discussing
the evolution of a phenomenon or event.

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Order a Similar Paper Order a Different Paper