Case Brief 4 Start Assignment Download and read the case study for Apple, Walt Disney, or Nike from the 12 Most Popular Cases supplement in McGraw-Hill Connect. Click the three lines (contents) in the

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Case Brief 4 Start Assignment

Download and read the case study for Apple, Walt Disney, or Nike from the 12 Most Popular Cases supplement in McGraw-Hill Connect. Click the three lines (contents) in the top, left-hand corner to view all of the cases.

The format for the case brief should be double-spaced, 12 pt. font, 1-inch margins, with assignment and student information in a header or title page. Case briefs should be 4-5 pages of content. Case briefs should also be submitted as Word Document (.doc, .docx) file formats.

From the Syllabus:

The content of the case briefs will be graded according to your ability to: (1) document your analysis of the case situation (provide evidence), (2) demonstrate critical thinking skills through sophisticated reasoning, and (3) demonstrate awareness of the complexities of the subject matter. The case briefs will also be graded with respect to writing style. This includes the acceptable use of language, voice, and organization in addition to content. A written communication assessment rubric will be used to determine your grade. *Please refer to the rubric passed out in class and/or in the rubric module.

Each case write-up should have three components: Analysis, Recommendations and Justifications. In the write-up, don’t simply repeat case facts or company history. Rather, use case facts to define the problem, and then provide thorough and well thought out recommendations along with suggested implementation actions. Usually two to three main recommendations are adequate. Provide justification for your recommendations by describing how your recommendations will potentially solve the organization’s problem/issue.

There should be a balanced discussion of the three components, and a logical connection between each of the three components. While your recommendations are the most important part of the written assignment, you should make a case for why you think your recommendations will “fix” the organization’s issues. Your grade will be lowered if you do not discuss either of the three components sufficiently, or there are few connections between the components.

Some suggestions for preparing the case briefs:1. Identify one to three key issues in the situation. Every situation has a number of issues and your task is to identify the major issues that you will focus your analysis on.

2. Use Strategic Management concepts to show how the major issues cause the symptoms of ineffectiveness (or effectiveness) observed in the case. Here you should be theorizing about why things are happening rather than merely describing what is occurring. This is important because if you can figure out why the situation is developing as it is then you can begin to understand what aspects of the situation are going to be responsive to management action.

3. Present your recommendations. Be sure they follow logically from your analysis and treat problems not symptoms. Questions that you might answer include: What course of action do you recommend in this situation? How will this be implemented? What are the expected outcomes? What are the inherent risks and challenges? What aspect(s) of the problem(s) will remain unsolved? Be as specific as you can. Individual Case Briefings are due at the beginning of the corresponding class session.

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