Case Management pla

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* Please answer these
question as if you were me answering them and the answer could be brief and to
the point but as long as you answer what is asked.

9 Analyze how you would evaluate your strategies and the plan
and how you would redirect the plan to meet the patients’ goals and objectives
as needed. 

12. Summarize how you would advocate on behalf of the patients
to assure that they receive quality services. 

13. Discuss the Quality Assurance measures to assure quality
services for the clients in your care. 

14 Describe the implications relating to confidentially/ HIPPA

15. Critically examine and discuss ethical and legal
considerations regarding case management. 

16. In the order of their importance (with the most important
first and the least important last), what were ten sources of your learning
process regarding Case Management? Include sponsorship for any seminars and
workshops that you attended, titles of journals that you regularly review, and
certifications and sponsorships that you have earned. 

17. Using action verbs, describe at least ten skills and
abilities that you have developed from your experience with Case

18. Discuss the reasons which you believe that the learning
which you have acquired regarding Case Management equals or parallels four
advanced credits of college level learning. Please be detailed and

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