Case study- report and PowerPoint slides

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Dear Entrepreneurs,

I am attaching hereto the course’s case study “Airparking: Digitalizing Shared Parking”. The case is an entrepreneurial situation, and places you in the role of a decision-maker entrepreneur. Please work this case in teams, 3-5 students per team. As you describe the case, please relate it to key entrepreneurship concepts covered in class, and then write a case report, which should include a description and an analysis of the problem(s), your recommendations, conclusion and references, and be ready to present the case on the due date. Use the questions in the text of the case as guidance for your report, which should kindly be presented in double-spaced text, and size 12 Times New Roman font. Plagiarized reports shall be nullified.

Documents to submit: (a) Case Report, and (b) Copy of PowerPoint Presentation

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