Case Study “Webcore: Building Buy-IN in the Brick and Mortar Business”, writing homework help

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  1. How has Webcor used technology to support project management in the construction field?
  2. List the main lessons IT managers can learn from Webcor Builders about the successful adoption of new technologies.
  3. Webcor
    bought an application called PlanGrid to mark up construction
    blueprints on iPads. PlanGrid can be used when the workers are offline
    and later syncs up with files on the Box platform. Webcor frequently
    follows this approach of buying applications and then building
    application programming interfaces (APIs) to connect these programs to
    its main enterprise systems. What are the advantages and disadvantages
    of this IT development process
  4. What obstacles do companies face when developing customized IT systems themselves? Under what circumstances does it make sense?
  5. how might developing whole IT systems themselves rather than adopting
    already developed solutions and integrating them using APIs, change
    Webcor’s ability to encourage IT adoption?

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