causation / determinism Reading Response, philosophy homework help

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I want to do 2-3 pages double spaces.

Please read the documents which i provided and do it carefully.

Do citation if you take idea from those documents.

A) (10 points) Present and explain a plausible version of Libertarianism. In particular, giving appropriate examples, sufficiently explain what this view implies about

* causation / determinism (consider both event and agent causation)

* the incompatibility of causation and freedom of will

* the freedom of will

* responsibility

* compulsion.

B) (5 points) Critics claim that the concept of agent causation is a total mystery; we really have no clue what it means. Explain the concept of agent causation, why critics think this concept is obscure, and how libertarians could reply to this objection.

C) (5 points) Intuitively, free acts are avoidable. That is, if I do something freely than I can do this act or something else instead. Critics claim that libertarianism cannot explain why we can avoid doing what we do freely. Explain this objection and a libertarian response to it! How plausible is over all libertarian view? Explain!

BONUS (2 points): In class we discuss the Avoidability Principle and examples raising doubts about SD interpretation of this principle; namely, “A tyrant and a prisoner of consciousness” and “the locked rom” examples. Briefly explain these examples. What do they imply about Soft Determinism? What would libertarians say about them examples? Explain why!

Additional readings and resources: Kevin Timpe, “Free Will” [ ] Timothy O’Connor, “Free Will” [ ] Sencerz,

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