CHFD210 Week 8 Discussion

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In this week’s Lesson you reviewed 6 types of Parent Involvement. Identify 2 types of Parent Involvement you will use. For each type you select, describe 2 specific strategies with one using a form of technology and one with effective outreach to diverse families.…

Minimum 250 words answer

Classmate #1:

Hello everyone,

I would have to say out of the six parental involvements, the two that I choose are 1. Home-family involvement and empowerment, I chose this because families may come together as a team, this in return puts everyone one the same track, and that helps keep consistency, and this is very much needed at this age. The first strategy I would use is the technology and that would be through email or maybe an online classroom with little cubicles for each child. I would have their names on them, and parents would check, and sign that they have seen and understand, or email me for questions or help and virtual involvement as well. The strategy for diverse families would be hiring staff from diverse families to assist and sending newsletters as well as meeting them at home after building trust.

The second parental involvement would be Community Based Involvement Empowerment And Leadership. The technology strategy I choose is having support groups online, this in return gets the parents to know each other as well as participate. A web page for community Ideas as well. The strategy for diverse families would be, having family/community night for food and fun, and come together as a community to provide transportation for the ones that do not have any.

The families can see their children’s progress as well on family fun nights, they can offer ideas and concerns also. I think bringing the community and families together can make so many wonderful ideas and progress.

Classmate #2:

Hello all,

I decided for my two types of parent involvement are two I have seen in action and have seen of the positive outcomes of these.

When I was working at my old elementary school some of the teachers used this program called Class Dojo. It is an app you can get on any phone or tablet, and you can get on it on a computer too! It is a great tool that allows parents and teachers to communicate how students as individuals and as a whole class are doing, and what they are doing in class. I actually remember my aunt using it with my cousin’s school and she thought it was great since he has sensory issues and it was a way to stay updated on how he is doing at school.-HOME – FAMILY INVOLVEMENT AND EMPOWERMENT

Another form I would use is a parent/teacher/community organization similar to the one my school used to use. We called ours AFGAK: Adults for Galesburg-Augusta Kids, and it was filled with parents of current and previous students as well as people from the community that wanted to help keep the school great for the students. They come up with ways to raise money for the schools, for different clubs and sports teams, and design fun activities for everyone. For example, they put together a STEM night where elementary kids can share projects they have researched and worked on, and another thing they have done is putting together donkey ball night. Donkey ball is when we bring real donkeys into the high school and teachers, students, and community members ride on the donkeys and play basketball as teams.-COMMUNITY BASED INVOLVEMENT, EMPOWERMENT, AND LEADERSHIP

Minimum 150 words answer to each

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