cognitive and social development assignment

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Cognitive and Social Development

Please note that there are two parts to this assignment. You will need to submit both parts to receive full credit.

PART ONE: Cognitive Development:

Teachers must have a thorough understanding of developmental patterns in order to plan activities that are appropriate for each age level. Continue to research additional information on developmental stages or observe children in an academic setting at each stage of the development. Once you understand the abilities and limits that are expected at each stage, plan an appropriate learning activity for the following:

A. a six year old

B. an 11 year old

C. a fifteen year old

PART TWO: Social Development:

Teachers must also be aware of patterns of social development as well as cognitive development. It is imperative to address this area of growth as studies have shown that students who lack social skills are more likely to become high school dropouts, delinquents, or experience mental health and loneliness in adulthood.To prevent such problems from occurring, teachers must help students develop social skills and empathy. When students understand their peers and know how to interact with them, their social development can proceed far more easily. The following techniques can be used:

  1. Praise children for demonstrating positive behavior
  2. Coach children in how to participate, cooperate, and communicate with others
  3. Teach children how to make statements that express kindness
  4. Model positive social behaviors
  5. Search for opportunities to encourage social interaction
  6. Avoid humiliating situations
  7. Confront behavior that is insensitive to others

Choose three of the above strategies that you feel would be most beneficial in developing social skills and empathy for the students at the grade level you plan to teach. Explain your reason for choosing each strategy. Or,research the development of social skills and empathy further and list three additional strategies that you believe would contribute to the development of these skills. Explain your reason for choosing each strategy.

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